Steklomagnezitovy list

By Admin | Building Materials
27 May 2016

However, they can not be considered functional analogues, since they have different characteristics.

steklomagnezitovy list steklomagnezitovy sheet (LSU) is obtained based on magnesium oxide chips, magnesium chloride and fiberglass reinforcement.Thanks to this LSU has high strength, moisture resistance, fire resistance.And it's 40% lighter than the drywall.Furthermore, LSU is flexible with a curvature of up to three meters, making it indispensable to uneven surfaces and facilitates transport or installation.At the last stage of processing the sheet surface can be used any kind of putty, paints and adhesives.

LSU Main specifications are as follows:

  • density - 0.94 g / cc;
  • drag force on a bend (dry basis) - 15 MPa;
  • flexural strength (wet basis) - 22 MPa;
  • size reduction at high temperatures - less than 1%;
  • shape change (wet) - not more than 0.34%;
  • thermal conductivity - the coefficient of 0,25-0,26 W / m * k;
  • water permeability - water-resistant rear panel;
  • refractoriness - sheet thickness 6mm holds fire for ab
    out two hours;
  • density - 0,85-1,27 g / cc;
  • sound insulation at a thickness of 10 mm - 29 dB.

Cutting LSU is very simple and is carried out on a hard, flat surface with the front side: knife made incisions starred places, and post it on their faults committed.Use LSU such thickness that corresponds to the point of use.For facing the ceiling suitable LSU 3-4 mm thick, partitions - 6-10 mm, and the floor of 10-12 mm is recommended.

yet to determine the quality of the sheets are not provided clear criteria, and there is debate about how to use SML.It remains an open question whether it is possible for the lining columns and other uneven surfaces to use drywall instead of LSU: whether it has sufficient bearing capacity and any attachment means it can withstand?Needless to steklomagnezitovy sheathing leaf exterior walls of frame houses?

Manufacturers claim , these options are as safe as the use of LSU in the production of modern formwork, advertising billboards, buildings facing pools, saunas, bathrooms and other facilities with extreme conditions.If we talk about the arrangement of interior partitions, here is the difference between LSU and plasterboard is only the cost of the material.

likely , the best solution would be no substitute for a "functional analogue" to others, and the use of technological advances in materials specific design schemes.