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27 May 2016
BISAZZA - one of those companies whose products for decades causes persistent association with things the category de luxe, and that its representative in Russia, director BISAZZA LLC Michael Pumo, our journal New Year's Eve to talk about luxury.

«Today mosaic - one of the most popular materials for decoration of expensive, exclusive interiors.What qualities allow it to occupy top positions? "- This was our first question addressed to Michael Pumo.

«Mosaic even in ancient times, was something more than all the other finishing materials.Even then, she added interior beauty and meaning, as this clothing wall.One of the best properties of the mosaic in the eyes of our contemporaries - its environmental friendliness.Today, everyone wants to finish in the naturalness of the natural homes.If all the nuances of technology, and BISAZZA adhere to them very strictly, Mosaic will best meet the original reference sample, as reflected in the product catalog, and will not work is that the customer has ordered a
single color mosaic, and got a very different ...

There are a fewimportant features mosaic BISAZZA, that make it incomparable to other manufacturers of glass mosaic, such as material strength, like no one else in this area, the most smooth surface, regular shape, flat seams and the evenness of the matrix of our mosaic, the widest range of colors and shades, a rich collection of a wide variety of decors, undeniable style and design - these are the attributes which make our products so popular when used in interiors. "

What caused such a huge range of products your company?

«slightest nuances of color allows you to create unique collections, which never dreamed of the old masters.Application aventurine mosaic allowed to give a property as structural.And if you remember the mosaic, pearl effect and partially transparent mosaic it is not hard to guess that the skillful combination of a mosaic gives designers unlimited opportunities, where they can "play" not only with different colors and surface effects, but also the depth of the decor - bycrop up in this case, the effect of three-dimensional perception.No less interesting computer graphics, the first time it is used by our company.The result - getting the perfect decor for perception. "

BISAZZA - not the only company that produces mosaic.That allows you to stand out from the ranks of other manufacturers mosaic?

«There are a few important points that distinguish our mosaic.For example, some companies, seeking to reduce production costs, violate technologies and products become similar to plastic, it loses contact with the glass.This is what concerns visual perception.There are fundamental differences: some manufacturers believe that the mosaic may be uneven, it must "play."But, you see, the effect of the "game" if it is needed, can be achieved when laying mosaic perfectly flat, but to lay exactly tiles extremely irregular shape and thickness almost impossible.And some of the advantages of our mosaics are not visible to the consumer, they can only estimate a specialist.For the layman should only note that to make the most correct forms a flat mosaic is more complicated than a shapeless rough mosaic, which does not play, but "walks by itself."

Could you in a few words to formulate the company's strategy for the near future?

«BISAZZA today tends to rise in price of their products - not artificially high prices, but this is more expensive, when our collection would cost no more expensive, and looked expensive.This frank statement.But this is our strategic principle.Currently, we focus on the design, because the quality of our products have no doubt.Mosaic BISAZZA - an element of luxury, if only because in the creation of our collection together the best designers of Italy and the world, and because we are constantly emerging new series, new collections, of which the designers make up the most complex drawings.Interesting and original design in our mosaic built on attention to fashion design, to transmit via the mosaic decor fashion fabric patterns and textures. "

But this is not the apparent high cost, the price is high enough BISAZZA mosaic ...

«BISAZZA, certainly a luxury, but affordable luxury.For example, the kitchen apron of 2 m2, laid out in our mosaic, can cost even cheaper than if it were made of natural stone - marble or granite.In this example of the mosaic not practical because it does not remain on the spot or from wine or other products. "

What novelties presented by the last Cersaie exhibition in Bologna?

«We have acquired some interesting new collections, in particular a very unusual floral decorations Glass Flowers, designer Carlo Dal Bianco.We can say that this creation came under the influence of pop art.As background translucent mosaic series Aria 20, which in combination with opaque mosaic has the effect of volume, very unusual.An interesting collection of Hanami, which depicts branch of cherry blossoms - a combination of fashion and floristic topics Japan.In addition, a number of new color variants of already known decors. "

When the Russians will be able to enjoy new items from your company?

«Already in January of the new products will be available in the Russian market."

Well, let's consider this New Year gift for anyone who appreciates real quality and for various reasons, tends to be a luxury, but the company BISAZZA wish to remain at the epicenter of creativity and successfully implement new projects.

Interviewed E. Klimuhin

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