Choosing Materials

By Admin | Building Materials
27 May 2016

long you plan to repair or rebuilding homes.Going even longer, met with builders, private traders and representatives of the firms were estimates, assessed the possibilities and finally decided ... Repair and decoration and especially the construction of a country house - is a serious matter, and requires at least a superficial understanding,that we need not only specialists, able to embody design ideas, but also the materials from which, in fact, everything will be done.Today, as in the court of the fall, many products are sold at discounted prices, and we will talk about their purchase.And we will help the builder practitioner Igor Tikhonov, with whom we went to study the range of shops and construction base construction materials.

Let's start with the fact that one of the easiest ways of production of high-quality materials - to rely on the superintendent or other expert from among those who will carry out the work.But not always, they are ready to take our concerns.Perhaps optimally - to become a p

rocurement officer at the construction site.With the right approach to this fascinating case you do not spend a lot of time, and the production of works will be completely under control.Contact with workers or foreman, you looks into the essence of the process and protect yourself from the majority of abuse.This happens quite often when the money is given, what is called "word of honor."We are ready to assure you that any superintendent or supplier on demand will bring you any number of "papers", substantiating costs.But all the checks, invoices and receipts for payment is required to collect and store.To not get that at one and the same product you pay twice.For example, in a situation where not too conscientious superintendent suddenly "remembered" that let to finish his bunk, and offers to pay for it.Therefore, even if you really have neither the time nor the desire to work, to supervise the work of the invited teams still have.

to start a relationship with the workers.If you do decide to entrust the purchase of materials spices, to give out money in small portions, check compliance with what was brought, ordered (at least on the number) and request a report at least once a week.Such scruples usually discourages anything "empty left."And in any case it is not necessary barstvovat: give out as much as asking for the immediate purchase, and be sure to discuss what where how much, what is the quality, which they are going to buy and why it is there and not elsewhere.This will certainly not insure yourself against abuse, but at least to reduce costs.

What would have to delve into?

Now to practice.The fact that you're not having the slightest idea of ​​modern building materials and processes, decided to become a procurement officer at his construction site, there is nothing to worry about.Once you have managed to make some money for the repair or construction of the house, then there will be dismantled.

So, you already have on hand estimates.For example, you need a concrete solution and reinforcement for the foundation.Start a conversation with the builders, where and, most importantly, how to buy it, that is how to take advantage of discounts that have any builder, a team of decent working or clever foreman.

Now, attention, and most importantly, never be lazy to compare prices and construction base in different stores.Sometimes on your ignorance builders earn more than actually at work.

When it comes to the construction of a wooden house and you can not evaluate the quality of timber, boards, planks, use the services of the person to whom all of this will create your home and take it with you to the store.Be sure that it is something once and choose the best - after all it working with this material, and with quality material to work is always pleasant and it turns faster.And then no one will say catchphrase: "What are you, the owner, brought golimy sucks for the work necessary to add ...»

So, consulting with builders, comparing the prices of sellers, you begin to "enter in the subject" and the result is perhapsideal: the work is, and everyone is happy.You do not spend the extra money, the builders - time to lose;you have a full understanding.And with such good relations, you get the best quality work to reduce the time, and most importantly - control will be unobtrusive.

From the foundation to the roof

Now again move from poetry to practice.In some cases, we will ask for help in the selection of materials, and in what is not?There are positions in which you can really understand their own, but there are those that can not do without professionals.And I would not recommend to independently engage in the installation of furnaces and fireplaces, heating equipment, with a number of reservations - electrician.But sometimes helps simple solutions.For example, if necessary, installation of complex technical equipment makes sense to conduct a tender hidden among different companies to choose the best options and prices.Resident Engineer - usually paid, but the money spent is likely to pay off.

comparing prices, be sure to ask what the cost of delivery trucks.Sometimes it happens that it negates the benefit of discounts.

begin with the lower classes and the simplified scheme.Suppose the house consists of basement walls and roof.For example, the foundation required for the sand and gravel, concrete solutions and equipment, which are proposed to you estimate marked a certain brand and nomenclature.If none of the organizations of suppliers currently does not announce good discounts, sit on the phone, compare prices (and certainly including shipping), we find out about the discount program ... Then the walls - it is aerated concrete blocks, bricks, reinforcing mesh, cement, sand... Technology is generally the same.There is one exception: when it comes to "live" material (beams, logs, boards), without a qualified assistant can not do.An important caveat: the claimed quality can vary greatly on the quality of the delivered goods.Therefore, it is necessary to control the supply of lumber, and the output from the construction base (selection and sorting), and the inlet (counted, compared with the qualifying sheet, to identify damage during handling).

If you're not a carpenter and cabinetmaker, then entrust the selection of lumber specialist who will work with them.You will save money, and he - time.

As for roofing materials, here, it is desirable to visit any specialized company supplying the necessary components (from Roofing membranes to the drainage systems).

A better than one - choose the ratio "price - quality of service."

From the pipe to the filler

now about the inner workings.It all starts with communication.Plumbing purchases to charge a specialist, but it can give money only after the discussion of the project networks, circuit assembly, place of purchase, provided discounts.Discuss each step is necessary even if you do not understand this.Ask, for example, that's why these items are so expensive, the quality can be trusted, whether there is a warranty ...

electrical Purchases can take over.Of course, should be agreed beforehand with the builders of the quantity and range of products.Please note that the wiring is different: the cross section of the material and wires (copper, aluminum), the operating conditions (for indoor or outdoor work).And there may be problems if you decided to save money, acquire the wire does not match the load.

finished with communications, go to the interior design.First of all, plaster, putty and gypsum plasterboard.There should be directed to specialized firms - there is a good turnover of all bulk materials, there is usually no overdue and fitness mix greatly affects the quality of work.Estimate the total required quantity of plaster and putty is almost impossible, so the purchases were made several times.Start small.We estimate the minimum thickness of the layer, and a total area of ​​material consumption (how many square meters can be treated with a mixture of one sack) - and make the purchase.There is nothing, unfortunately, is not optimized: on delivery is not to save money, buy more will still have a surplus if they stay in the shop they do not return, and the material is not eternal - six months loses its properties.

parquet, window systems and roofing materials, it is desirable to acquire through specialized dealers and suppliers - they have comprehensive information about the product and know what goes with what.

We also need materials for the walls.We will not analyze what better aerated, cam boards or gypsum plasterboard.All this can easily be ordered in the right quantity on the basis of the total area.However, drywall requires a slightly different approach.The number of sheets is calculated not only in size as the perimeter (standard sheet width of 1.2 meters and a height of 2.5 to 3 m).It is defined similarly, and the amount of material for the carcass.On the question of quality: surely preferable import manufacturers.But if you plan to build walls of two or three layers of drywall, then the first layer makes sense to buy cheap stuff, and let the good from the outside.

constructing ceilings and walls, plaster and stopper everything you can, choose the paintwork.It is extremely difficult - sometimes even professionals are skeptical.Selecting a colossal range changes all the time, and the quality of products, it would seem, proven over the years manufacturers sometimes falls.So once again we turn to the method described above, - a long talk about all the problems of choice of coatings with a specialist who will paint, draw conclusions, and only then go to the store and begin to "torment" consultants.If in general terms, then do not buy the cheapest paint (albeit eminent manufacturer), but also should not take, and the most expensive (not every master can work with it).

walls of the house: an inside look

Next item - the wallpaper.Not a word about the design.Today the talk is only about quality, and that's what it should be noted.Popular Today paintable wallpaper (often chosen when have not decided what color to paint the walls) are about the same quality, but different abrasion resistance and ability to absorb the expensive paint.Everything is simple: the smaller and quieter relief pattern, the more resistant the coating and paint will eat less.Simple paper wallpaper - version very much a budget, and it will not be considered.As soon as you have enough money for the erection of walls, save the wallpaper should not be.Hit of all time - vinyl wallpaper.But what they are different ... The price here is not the last argument, but not the principal.Do not rush with the purchase, give the store a man who will glue them, listen to what he has to say, to draw conclusions.Maybe on the next shelf is roughly the same, but of higher quality and at very reasonable price.

Now the door.There is extremely wide range of offers, the choice is yours, but preference is given to those models that do not just like them, and filled with wooden and door frames are not made out of cardboard and wood from the normal.A small caveat: do not take the simple paneled door if the build cottage, - multiple freeze-thaw cycles is sufficient that they rassohlis.Go to the selection of accessories.The hinges should be chosen only good, and handles and mechanisms - and even more so.By the way, pay attention to the Spanish and Taiwanese manufacturers - they have quite decent quality products.

should also focus on delivery - or rather, in the delivery door.Be sure to open the package and see if there are any scratches and chips.Take-foot level, apply and check whether the curved blade (this, unfortunately, is found), and replace the goods after acceptance is problematic.About casings and boxes to say, in general, nothing: just check the quantity, quality and match the color of the door (the case and such "schools").

Do not be lazy to check it out - it can save a lot of time.

In regard to floors (laminate, linoleum, flooring, block parquet) and windows (double-glazed windows only wooden or plastic frames), then these issues will inform you well in specialized firms and shops.

plinth.If you choose plastic, then take a cable-TV: and strengthen easier and forgotten during installation cabling is always possible icing.Skirting of MDF, laminated, too bad - you can choose the color of floor or casings and, most importantly, to buy at a reasonable price.And if you do not have parquet floor, and the floor of pine tongue - is the best solution.Skirting boards made of valuable species - oak, beech, ash - require sorting and careful examination.But if you do not parquet floor or cabinetmaker, do not even attempt to evaluate them.This is exactly the case when the procurement should be dealt with professionals only.