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27 May 2016
Over the last year not a single fundamentally new themes, which rushed to develop all the world's leading manufacturers.But it is - is not the reason for pessimism.Excessive technological innovations delayed into the abyss of universal solutions.And it was nearly undermined the credibility of the famous tiled brands.

masters tile industry today remembered at last, about the age-old tradition about the distinctive features of their own design and began to develop the existing fashions in depth and breadth, almost without looking at the efforts of competitors.For this reason, many of this year's collection was truly expressive and original.

Volume floristry

still one of the "hottest" topics ceramic fashion - flower.A variety of exquisite flora representatives met in finishing ceramics before, but now they have moved to a whole new level.Color has become crowded in the traditional plane.They rush out and hide in the depths.

One of the most authoritative Italian factories MARCA CORONA in his new
collection SUITE «hidden» flowers beneath the glossy glaze.The very same picture applied to the smooth surface of the tiles gentle pastel shades of color 5.When light falls on a plane at right angles to the tile, it is practically flat, monotonous.But coverage is only slightly changed, the wall begins to play a subtle ornament large inflorescences.If you add to this effect, mosaics and an almost complete lack of visual tile joints, we get a decent sample of a new reading of ceramic flower arranging.

Spaniards develop the theme in their own way.Collection POLAR factory PERONDA, at first glance, quite traditional.But this is only a first impression.Using it is a common format (23x40), they get the rhythm of modern surface.Tile is divided in half lengthwise "seam" that creates a sense of proportion fashionable 3x1.In the same ratio "divided" and floral decorations.Some slightly protrude from the plane of ceramics, others - flat, but consist of alternating fotoprint of the same floral theme.Striped friezes with the effect of grass hide under a strip of metal, which can be hung brilliant flower heads (with a magnet inside) or ladybird funny.

Italians went even further out of the company EDILCUOGHI.Their floral arrangements reach 2 m in height, and a collection of NEW LIGHT can be added bulk-panel painting, vypolennoy in the art of Murano glass art.

floral ornament decor collection DISCORSI (trademark IDEA CERAMICA, Italy) in addition to the convex shape have a surface metallization - at dusk they mysteriously gleaming.

Metal, even metal ...

theme of the presence of metal in the ceramic did not appear yesterday.And lately it is not just a decorative metal frame.Spicy fashion collections of ceramics "on a patinated metal" or "rust" the past two years were on the top in the rankings of European bestseller.To produce such tiles were taken by many, but only recently was able to completely solve the problem of contact of metallic impurities included in the ceramics, detergent and water.

This year the Spanish PERONDA presented unique mechanical and chemical resistance of granite METAL-LICA, in which the matte surface "aged metal" is protected with a thin, almost invisible, high-glaze layer.In addition to the original glass friezes and mosaics Spaniards invented structural element, combining glass and mosaic.Chain of decors stacked one behind the other, may be illuminated from the inside of the diode string, giving the interior a lightness, dressed in a dark metallic ceramics.The Italians, developing metallic theme, find it more and more new faces.Collection ALCHIMIE (MARCA CORONA), announced last year, feel free to use the spectacular color of iron oxide.The floors are made in such technique - a favorite method of the European fashion designers.Porcelain REACTION these colors complement predatory gleam matt brushed iron or a noble bronze.

Effects on the surface of

Experiments with no surface left side of the ceramic and other topics.So familiar imitation wood is not considered in itself.Bright, but not always practical combination of wood and classic terracotta suddenly received a new incarnation."The wooden slats" and terracotta tiles in the style of Provence came together in a new Spanish ceramics MALTA.Anyone who has ever been in the private homes of the European south, will never forget the unique "sunny" mood, which together create the two "warm" material.

Restless Italians drew attention to the fact that the wood fibers are very similar to small strips insanely popular style (stripes style).So, the two fashion trends merged into a new type of surface, called in Italian Effetto legno (wood effect).Porcelain PHILOSOPHY (MARCA CORONA) in outdoor version - synthesis warm wooden texture and color of cold - has turned out very unusual ...

Stone also decided not to forget.And the Italians, as in the case of a tree, it is only Effetto pietra (stone effect) - namely, the softwood imitation granite stone superstoykim.Spaniards are more consistent.Porcelain them - a replica of the polished natural stone.In fairness it should be noted that for role models selected exotic and usually incredibly expensive.Demand for such simulation is growing from year to year: luxury, durability and environmental friendliness - a very attractive combination.

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