Trendy clothes for sex

By Admin | Building Materials
27 May 2016

Leather tiles - almost eternal, a thickness of about 3 cm, it can be bent, but it does not mean that it is fragile.The main advantage - a high degree of dimensional stability.

Unlike other flooring when you step bare foot on the skin, it absorbs the heat of your body and you feel warm all the time.This quality allows the tile to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.A walk barefoot on leather tile, elegant and sensual pleasure.

Do not be afraid to damage the leather tile when walked on shoes.The patina on the surface of the skin just quickly take its natural way.Remember, this is a product that with age becomes only more beautiful.

Thanks to stamping, leather flooring may be textured surface.To prevent sliding, there is a special wax coating which tile makes its surface resistant to slip.

Laser engraving will add all kinds of decorative elements on request.

Leather tiles available in various sizes.The floor can be put in the same color scheme and create a unique image on the type of ordinary ce

ramic tiles.

Some of the most popular questions about the leather tiles "How can you walk on your skin?"."It remains a scratch?"."If I wear high heels, whether there will be a dent?"."This floor is dirty?It will stain? ยป

Answers to questions

Of course, to some extent, this leather floors are scratches, dents, scuffs and stains.But this is only the tip of the iceberg.The main advantage of leather floor - its patina (natural drawing pattern on the surface, which shows the true character of the skin).

Patina - super prize that gets you in the use of a few natural products such as copper, brass, bronze, and some rocks.You definitely know that all are skin and as a fashion accessory, and how protective clothing.Remember, the most expensive model cars, inside they are always "dressed" in the skin, the best bags, suitcases, ancient tomes and collection, haute couture clothing and shoes!

And leather tiles - fashionable and expensive clothes for your interior!