Ceramic granite or clinker

By Admin | Building Materials
27 May 2016

ceramic granite or clinker - is a material appearance, which is the active use is able to stand for half a century without losing its decorative qualities.With proper installation in extreme conditions it can withstand any temperature and chemical exposure, as well as the weight of more than a ton.

great popularity of clinker based not only technical qualities, but also the appearance of the material, that is, its artistic qualities.Therefore, manufacturers of ceramic tile plant started production of tiles all imaginable and not imaginable styles.Despite the diversity, the emphasis is on some stylistic groups: "antique» - Montalcino Cotto, Monterrey Arancio, high-tech - Metallica, De Origin, Giaietto, Tiburtone, classics - Antiqua, Padova, minimalism - Newport, «under a tree" -Mahogany, Natura, country - Bugnot, Natural, Hard Rock Scuro.

process of manufacturing of ceramic granite is similar to the process of birth of natural stone in the accelerated form, so it is a cheaper alternative to natural sto

ne at their high technical characteristics.

during the manufacture of artificial stone used a mixture of two clays with the addition of high-quality feldspar, quartz, and natural pigments.Under high pressure the mixture is compressed, dried and calcined at elevated temperatures.As a result of firing turns extremely durable, non-porous, monolithic material.

clinker - is obtained from selected quality plastic clays by extrusion (forcing through a certain form), and sometimes by pressing.

This material has been known since time immemorial.Even in ancient Rome covered bridge burnt brick, has an amazing strength.However, only in the end of XIX century in the Netherlands it has been received and applied a special building material - clinker.Initially, it was used exclusively for paving roads.These roads had exceptional strength and durability.And confirmation of his strength is - a crossroads of Italian (Pushkin) and Lanzheronovskoy (Swallow) streets in Odessa, they lined bright yellow paving bricks.It took more than 150 years of service and paving looks like it was paved yesterday.

Currently, the clinker has found wide application for external and for internal works.Due to its high strength and thermal stability, chemical and biological indicators of clinker has earned a good reputation in the world of building materials.

types clinker

Clinker is glazed and unglazed.During the production of unglazed clinker used natural ingredients so it retains color brightness throughout the entire period of operation.Most often it is used in the design of the exteriors.

difference from unglazed glazed Cleaner is glazed coating that is applied in two layers on the preformed tile.During single-fired glaze well sintered ceramic substrate.After firing, the tiles obtained with the rich color scheme and also has all the properties of clinker.It is usually used to decorate the interiors.The shape

clinker produced not only in the form of flat plate, but in the form of complex geometric shapes due to the special method - extrusion.Using this method, you can implement various architectural fantasies with smooth relief joints of horizontal and vertical planes excluding homemade items from the tile to be cut.

clinker products are used in various ways such as is done full set of pools: plinths, drains, and various corners, steps, connectors and other structural details.The store offers a variety of decorative details: decorations, inner and outer corners, all kinds of edges, Sanguinius ("kaloshnitsy"), extruded handrails, moldings, and even completely made of clinker sinks for bathrooms, etc.

Installation and Care

As a rule, tiles are fixed on a water-resistant and cold-resistant adhesive for better conservation of the properties of clinker.During fast setting tile grout used.This complicates installation, as great a risk to soil rough surface tiles.To preserve the purity of the tiles during installation you need to glue masking tape along the seams, and after grouting to remove it.In addition, you can put on the tile layer is impregnated or varnish.

To maintain clinker in good condition does not require special care, it is enough to wash it with any detergent.