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26 May 2016

But modern wooden construction short-lived.To prolong the life of wood and protect against pests, it is necessary to use effective means of protection.

From defend

One of the main enemies of wooden buildings - our changeable weather.Excessive moisture, frost, thaw - and appear in the wood putrefaction bacteria, fungi, insects, carpenter.We need time to see them and to take immediate action.

Moulds appear if a tree is too wet.I They are only superficially stained;wood in the blue-green, blue, green, pink color, but it does not impair the strength of the wooden structures.But the rot destroys wood.

However, the most dangerous enemy - the white house fungus.At first, he successfully masquerades as common mold, and recognize it can only specialists.But if you lose time, he is able to in a month "eat" wooden floor four centimeters thick.

Because insects are most annoying bug carpenter, mine wood beetle and the house longhorn beetle.Doing their tunnels and holes affect the integrity of wood and red

uce its strength.In addition, the wormhole can cause damage sapwood rot.

The defending

Typically, most harmful fungi growing in warm humid areas with stagnant air.Because good ventilation throughout the house first and necessary condition for the preservation of wood.But once and for all to protect the wooden house from pests, need quality antiseptics.They protect wooden structures from all species of fungi and insects, and in some cases cure the affected wall.

Each antiseptic effective against certain types of "drevorazrusheny."For example, some biocides excellent job with the blue well with household fungus and mold mediocre.Others, on the contrary, completely destroy mold, but can not cope with the rest.Universal antiseptic, can deal with 'all tree diseases at the same time does not exist.It is therefore important to choose the composition of which is required in each case.

If the house is in a valley, in a very shady place or where the water table is near the surface of the earth, it needs enhanced protection.Among the strong antiseptic that can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture - the drug "Senezh."It penetrates deeply, even in wet and dense wood.

impregnating composition "Woody healer", consisting of five brands antiseptics, provides the most comprehensive biological protection at home - from prevention to pest control.Of imported means may be noted drugs such as the Finnish "WOODEX" and Tikkurilla Valtti, English Dulux.There

antiseptics, which are not only protected, but repel water and dirt and dust deposited on the treated surfaces.In addition, they have the effect of decorating wood and ennoble - stress and preserve the wood texture.From domestic developments it texture coating "Aquatex" and "Sotex".With age

tree typically darkens appear on the surface staining fungi.Until they got inside with them successfully combat bleaching antiseptics such as "Rime" and "super-effect."But

buy antiseptics - is only half the battle.You have to properly prepare for the treatment of wooden surfaces.Pre-clean it, resinous areas scraped or treated with solvents, remove with a scraper or wire brush mold.Antiseptic is better to apply two coats, then the coating will last much longer.

impossible to impregnate the wood in hot or windy weather, as well as in the sun - the solvent will evaporate quickly and the worst part is absorbed into the wood.

I. Gorbachev.

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