Types and properties of siding

By Admin | Building Materials
26 May 2016

word comes from the English siding siding - siding.Selecting siding or decorative panels at the moment is quite wide.Mounted on it is usually in the crate building.During installation between siding and the wall of the building an air gap, the so-called hinged ventilated facade.To improve the thermal insulation under siding stacked insulation materials.

was a time when the house trimmed in wood siding.But progress does not stand still, and now produces steel, aluminum and vinyl polymers.Outside they may be painted in different colors and a textured timber.

kinds of metal siding

Metal Siding panel width is 120-300 mm.It is made from galvanized steel or aluminum.For greater safety and beauty top metal siding coated with a polymeric coating (polyester, PVF or Pural), which can impart any color, the surface may be either smooth or profiled.

especially metal siding with a polymer coating - is its resistance to temperature and humidity, as well as acidic and alkaline conditions.It does not rot or

warp when exposed to sunlight.His life - 50 years.

It is not worth checking the material strength, kicking his feet.If you make a dent it will remain forever.And in order to hedge against emergencies advance purchase replacement panels as samples from different series are often not suited to each other in tone.

Steel siding is stronger and more durable than aluminum and therefore is more expensive.First of all, it is used for facades of public and administrative buildings.

steel Aluminum siding is easier and a little inferior to him in strength, but because of its lightness and elegance has received increasing use in the cottage building.

mountable metal siding to a metal or wooden frame overlap.To compensate for the effects of thermal expansion on the panels are elongated holes in the rim.To align the adjacent panels at their ends are arranged recesses and condensate drain at the bottom locks have holes.

to design a beautiful house siding was used additional components elements: angular and end rails, sills and soffits.Color din of these elements may be different.When installing metal siding is not rigid requirements and any cottager effortlessly he can fix the siding on the walls of his house.

Vinyl siding

Despite the greater strength of the metal the most common and popular type of siding in private construction is vinyl siding.

On the strength of vinyl siding inferior metal, but despite that withstands high temperature changes from + 50 to - 40 ° C and strong winds.To the demand for vinyl siding fell, manufacturers continue to improve the quality of the material.Improve its fire resistance, strength, fine quality.Superior Siding ne6mnogo cost more than the standard PVC lining.

PVC panels do not require additional painting.Distributed texture imitating wood, painted pastel colors.Panels saturated colors more expensive than standard 1.5-2 times due to the use of additives which reduce exposure to ultraviolet rays, resulting in the panel do not fade in the sun.Typically, the length of the panels is 2-6 m (typically 3.6 meters) width - 10-30 cm, thickness - 0,96-1,2 mm.

possible application of vinyl siding on the facade of any house.Its installation is carried out simply enough: panels are fixed with screws, nails or screws, and then tacked to one another.To avoid rusty smudges used exclusively aluminum screws.

Before fixture siding on a wooden crate it is necessary to process antiseptic compounds.A panel that is not swelled by solar heating during the tightening of screws you need to leave enough clearance between the panel and nail to compensate for thermal expansion.

Sometimes after finishing house siding appear incomprehensible sounds.And the reason is that in the heat of the day siding little slack, and in the evening recovers its shape, so there are similar audio effects.To prevent this, the southern side of the house can be put into the aluminum and the remaining vinyl oblitsevat.And do not be afraid to experiment, they perfectly fit together.

To the facade "dressed" in siding looked great and safe installation uses a variety of accessories: special mounting profiles (they represent Latin letters J, F and H), window and door trim, inner and outer corners, frames, sills, etc.It should be noted that the additional profiles and decorative details are more expensive than the panels themselves.

To finish plinth houses, siding, wall will not do.Most often, experts advise to use saydingovye decorative panel imitating stone, brick, shingles, and so on. D. Their surface is due to the acrylic coating is resistant to all environmental factors.

Vinyl siding does not require careful maintenance.The material is colored through and through, so scratches will not spoil its appearance.And to preserve its attractiveness should be washed with water from time to time.