Environmentally friendly, comfortable house

By Admin | Building Materials
26 May 2016

Conceiving Construction of cottages future owners are - the house with a clean, napoёnnym aromas of forest air, which can be in warmth and comfort to relax from everyday worries.

better suited for this house built of wood.But the house made of wood, too, are different.

Now I will tell you about modern wooden houses - "Skanditek" built on the square log-frame technology.They successfully combine advantages of frame technology and the strength of solid timber houses.The popularity of this technology abroad contributed to their environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

Wooden house Skanditek warm and economical to operate a house built without the cost of artificial materials in the casing and insulation of wooden walls.When building a house on the technology we use only natural building materials.

The secret is to build the house of his design.It consists of a surround frame with outer walls made of dry profiled beam and corners of the house are made of laminated veneer lumber, which gives the house a decent stre

ngth and appearance of high-grade wooden house from a bar.This home does not shrink, the walls do not crack, and eventually he was not skewed.

Benefits houses "Skanditek"

Even during construction can be seen that it goes without a technological break, saving time during the manufacture of windows, doors, because they do not have to wait until the house will shrink.Therefore, the laying of internal networks and the decoration of the house, you can start without delay immediately after the assembly of the house.

Another undoubted advantage of houses built on the technology «Skanditek» is the large selection of finishes the premises and the possibility of laying flush electrocommunications.

successfully played up and apply: surround frame, columns, pillars, laminated beam and truss components that allows you to create an open space where you can live comfortably with the "second light".

Equally important, at warming the house, playing modern insulation - environmentally friendly product that is the result of processing the pulp does not cause allergies.In its structure are: antiseptics and flame retardants, which prevent the formation of mold and mildew and reduce the risk of fire.

Summing up we can say that the houses built on the technology "Skanditek" have a number of advantages such as:

  • houses are built from the northern Karelian forest quality;
  • No need to wait for the shrinkage of the house.Immediately after finishing assembly can start home and lining of internal communications;
  • Easy maintenance engineering services;
  • Good thermal insulation;
  • internal layout of the house is easily subject to change;
  • build a strong house with a magnificent appearance.

Bearing walls of a wooden house Skanditek

  • Option interior decoration at home - wall paneling finishing boards (imitation timber 20h170mm) Bearing frame
  • Exterior walls of profiled laminated veneer lumber with seal mezhventsovogo insulation and bonding wooden pins;
  • by wet-spray cellulose adhesive seamless cotton, which does not form thermal bridges the house is well insulated.At the same time the wall preserves all the properties of ecological house made of natural wood;
  • Inside the finish is made from: plasterboard, finishing board, which simulates beams, tiles, etc.

All who built homes on technology "Skanditek" note that they are warm and comfortable, economical to operate, clean, and they lack the disadvantages inherent in lumber and timbered houses.