Paving suburban tracks

By Admin | Building Materials
26 May 2016

After the erection of the house all the responsibility for the comfort and beauty at their summer cottage turns on the shoulders of a landscape designer.At this stage, you need to competently and effectively pave the way communication between objects located on the country site and select the material from which to build the track.

During the selection it is necessary not to forget about the aesthetic and practical issues, and competent decision - a pledge of comfort and coziness.To apply paving materials can be divided into soft, hard and combined.

Hard cover


of natural stone paving today used more than a dozen species.They are used in natural, unprocessed form (limestone) and the treated (pounding, sawing).At the same time the texture of stone is varied, from coarse and rough up the mirror.This type of coverage is somewhat limited in coloristics already by nature, but many breeds have a wide palette nyuansnuyu.For example, granite occupies a range of varying shades of gray to dark red

and black.Granite, gabbro, basalt paving stones are usually made of three standard sizes, as well as paving.Due to the volcanic origin of these rocks unrivaled strength and durability.

Precast concrete cover

Strong concrete cover, usually used in key areas such as vehicle entry to the suburban area, which smoothly into the area in front of the house or garage, as well as footpaths.

Concrete Stone

hard coating stands out among the concrete stone, it is similar in its properties to natural stone blocks, but less expensive.Shapes and sizes of concrete blocks are varied, it allows you to create and winding narrow trail, and wide straight roads.It is successfully used in the construction of highways.

Sidewalk concrete tiles

Despite the relative fragility, concrete is one of the most popular hard coatings for footpaths.For its strength constantly invent and apply a variety of cements and fillers.From other types of concrete paving slabs features a variety of shapes and colors.There are two types of concrete Tiles - vibrocasting and vibropressed.As for manufacturing, as well as on the qualities they are very different from each other

examining two types of concrete slabs can say with confidence that the plate is much stronger vibrocasting vibropresovannoy.During the production of vibratory casting plates are used not ordinary sand and gravel and granite crumb softeners and that complicates the process of making concrete and improves its performance.Therefore, the warranty period of the tiles is at least 10 years.The tiles should be laid in such a way that between its elements do not stagnate water otherwise the tile will start to break down prematurely.It should be noted that the material used in the construction of roads, because it well withstands heavy loads.

distinctive feature vibopressovannoy tiles - is its rich decor: rocket cell, brick, pavers, wave.And, despite the lack of frost resistance and durability, its aesthetic possibilities gain the top.The range of tiles is diverse and allows for a variety of ideas during the organization of the landscape space at their summer cottage.And if the store you do not find the appropriate product in the company of your order will make a tile of any color.


Clinker brick has high strength and is made from well-baked clay.Its cost is quite high.It should be noted that the color of fired bricks can be ocher and red and bluish-black.By the brickwork all have long been accustomed, and the object was built from blue bricks, it looks much more spectacular.


Wooden Floor, of course, inferior in strength and durability of concrete and stone surfaces.But, despite its decorative effect, the popularity of wood is not reduced, it gives the landscape ecological orientation.

Preparation of the base for the track

main thing to pave the track - depends on its durability.During paving hard garden paths followed by the following scheme: first of all, there is a marking of tracks, then removed the soil is the foundation of a multi-layer and stacked on top of the material that makes up the pavement (stone, brick, wood).

layout of the track is produced in accordance with a landscape project.It is painstaking work that requires precision.Direct scheduled track using threads tied to stakes and difficult, undulating track wake of the border in any light powder.(Alabaster, sand).

then necessary to remove the soil.The thickness of the release layer of the soil depends on many components such as the type and thickness of the foundation, the soil type, the functional purpose lanes, the type of coating.

To make the foundation for the pedestrian walkway is enough to remove 15 - 20 cm of soil, and to drive at least 50 cm.

among landscape designers do not cease debate, at what level - above or below - should cover the tracks.Some believe that low-track convenient for mowing the lawn and look carefully.Other solid response that is required to track at low water will accumulate and form puddles.

After ramming the bottom of the trench layered foundation is laid.First, sprinkle a little sand, and then concrete or schebёnku.It should be noted that cement based foundation designed for many decades, but it is more expensive schebёnki and served with great difficulty to change.If the substrate is made of schebёnki track, it will last a bit, about 15 years, but it is cheaper and more readily served to change.

track is laid on top of the base of sand and cement mix, sometimes with geotextile, which provides the necessary drainage.Many experts recommend the bottom of the trench to lay geotextile to prevent subsidence of rubble in the ground.

and completing the construction of garden paths laying his coat.To extend the life of the track used water-repellent coating: shiny, matt, satin.They like parquet lacquer coated track, every year.

Soft cover

These are small stones: gravel, gravel, gravel and wood chips, nut shells, sand and mulch.Soft coatings are usually poured into tracks in random directions without depending on the size of the tile.

Soft cover pour a layer-by-layer to the desired thickness, with each successive layer of compacted roller or vibratory plates.Convenient for the manufacture of a track with a soft covering short-lived, but if from time to time to fill up the filler they last a long time.

Combined coverage

combination of soft and hard coatings combined to form garden paths.This technique is used primarily for aesthetic purposes, for example - need to visually shorten the track for this it is divided into areas with different materials, texture and color, and small dumping serves as a transition from tile to live green.For practical purposes, pebbled dumping plays the role of drainage, or buried beneath the drain pipe.If you do not flow from the downspout can, for example, to dilute a nearby lawn.


slugger garden paths border desirable at the same level or slightly above its surface.This helps to further strengthen the track.You need to know that deep concrete foundations violate the circulation of groundwater, causing affected trees growing on the site.Therefore, do not overload the area with plenty of tracks.

mobility of soil under the hard paving inevitably leads to breaks and cracks, and track begin to break down.To avoid unfortunate consequences every 2-3 meters track separated, for example, transversely laid a wooden board, nestled under the top layer of the coating.This measure provides the movability coating, and thus, eliminate discontinuities.

If you track bulk of pebbles or mulch them as appropriate to frame border.The first track is not overgrown with grass, and the second cover is not spreading.

as border can apply large granite blocks which are well in tune with the color gray pebbles.Suit specific profile elements and clinker especially for bulk coating.Good looks from the curb bricks, laid obliquely upward teeth.

During the organization of the landscape garden plot should not forget that even the most sophisticated track is part of a landscape project.And when it is necessary to consider the device not only the technical parameters and artistic concept, but a way of life owners.