Keramoplast - the material for the roof

By Admin | Building Materials
25 May 2016

roofing completes the construction of any house and cottage, construction of buildings and buildings.Keramoplast for roofing domestic company "Teton" seems promising in this respect.It is made by mixing, at high temperature and pressure, of synthetic fibers (basis - the polymer waste, secondarily used), dyes, special additives (silica filler for protection from ultraviolet radiation, an additive for resistance to combustion ...), special plasticizers (chemically resistant to aggressive media)mineral fillers (for strength and ductility) and natural non-toxic ingredients (clay - reinforcing the foundation ...).The resulting composite material is attached to the form of corrugated sheets, colored throughout the mass lightfastness pigments (for resistance to fading).

Keramoplast thanks dyes, available with a wide color palette (main has 16tsvetov), ​​which allows to obtain a material which is colored throughout the mass in different shades.But manufacturers have gone further with the addition of compone

nts having good dispersion (distribution throughout the molten mass of the polymer) is prepared keramoplast with special effects (fluorescent colors and metallic).Adding masterbatches Flitter and Fleck (blotches), give the roofing material color marble, granite and other rocks.This choice gives you the opportunity to roof color retention decorative element of the building.Laying of roofing material (keramoplast) color patterns or figures, you can create a composite construction.

Sheet keramoplasta 5mm thick, the size of 2m x 0,87m 2 times lighter (1kv.m. - 5.5 kg) than a sheet of slate, and 10 times stronger.The high flexibility of the material and the compressive strength and tensile, allow it to withstand heavy loads (snow, storm water, strong wind, temperature changes).With a load of 21 kg / cm2, keramoplast bends but does not break.

Keramoplast to cover the roof, easy to cut and sawed simple jigsaw saw, preventing chips.It is used to cover roofs with complex, but flexible (a lot of waste) transitions.Due to the low weight keramoplasta, mounting lath, you can use the board thickness of 30mm and a width of 100 mm and is suitable timber size 50h50mm.Quickly mounted so the roof will be lightweight.
Roofing Keramoplast has a long service life (over 50 years), can be operated from -40 to + 60g., Is not afraid of acid and alkaline environments, does not emit noxious and hazardous substances, it has high resistance to combustion, holds heat well and protects against noisenot corrode and does not require painting.

roofing keramoplasta inexpensive because of low material cost compared to foreign counterparts.Such a roof is easy to repair, and keramoplast can be recycled.Additional accessories for ceramic roof - end strips, ridge detail and protective caps.

Keramoplast 3mm is used for internal and external wall cladding, fencing, decorative purposes.Using a variety of additives can optionally be produced keramoplast with certain characteristics (higher chemical resistance, heat resistance and dielectric strength ...).Thanks to the wonderful properties
and indicators keramoplast meets all the requirements for roofing materials.