Siding, laminate from the bark of a tree

By Admin | Building Materials
24 May 2016
bark protects the wood from external influences of nature, and for its removal does not require any special equipment.Therefore, this material since time immemorial has been used to create an individual shelter and refuge for people.

In 1895, the house from tree bark became more advanced, after the architect Henry Bacon created the first board of the squared American chestnut bark.

Then for 50 years no one used the bark for the construction of houses.

Today Bark House is a leader in the technology of environmentally friendly building materials.

siding for exterior cladding Bark House bark was the first product of HC, developed in 1990.

From the beginning, people drew a rough kind of siding.The company offers an incredible number of design options from rustic to contemporary, for both residential and commercial premises.

Siding bark is an all-natural, environmentally friendly, long-life (80 years) material that does not require maintenance.

laminate from the bark of the tree is used for interna
l wall cladding, lining doors and furniture, frames for mirrors and artwork, packaging boxes with decorative trim, shelves and other items.

not laminated bark is used as a material for wrapping vases or other similar items.

HC Company can offer a number of laminates: white pine, basswood, birch fluffy, Pennsylvania cherries and yellow birch.

proposed laminate is a byproduct of the timber industry.Before the company began using bark Highland Craftsmen Inc, it remained to rot in the woods, was shot in sawmills or transformed into low-quality mulch.

Editor: Roman Adamov