"Green" finishing materials

By Admin | Building Materials
24 May 2016
Everyone puts in the term "green" their understanding - it could be a safety for the environment, and energy-saving qualities, and a positive impact on human health of the subject.

in building technology there is no consensus on specific criteria for "green" material, they can be attributed, and a safe way to manufacture, and service life, and the absence of toxic components.Specialist in "green" construction Shannon Sullivan made an attempt to systematize the eligibility criteria of finishing materials used in construction, to "green" characteristics.

first question provides data on the environmental performance of materials, sounds paradoxical: is there an urgent need to buy them?After all, you certainly can not yet one year old not to touch the wallpaper, and floor covering looks still very good.How natural and personal resources can be saved, if we abandon the repair?And the only reason to dismantle the old finish may be that it (the latest data) contain toxic to humans.

Naturally, we are not tal
king about how to enjoy the dilapidated walls and wiped the floor - here it is necessary to balance their capabilities and desires with those of the environment.

Another "green" criteria may also surprise you - a cheap product.Mr. Sullivan said that we used to consume a lot of very expensive things, for the production of which consumes vast amounts of energy and expensive raw materials.Generally, in order to understand how your decoration material meets the criteria of sustainability, you should not rely on the icons on the packaging and stories seller in the store.Experts offer yourself to think of something to make your product, from the raw material for him to take, how much it will be able to serve, and how fast it will decompose in a natural environment.

For wallpaper with paper backing longer meet the criteria for "green" product, despite the fact that for the manufacture of wood is used.When they exhausted their resources, nature will assimilate them than similar non-woven wallpaper or vinyl based.In addition, paper wallpaper is much beneficial effect on humans.

fully all the signs on the package is still not be ignored, at least, preference is given to products with a "product can be reused after reprocessing."

When choosing materials for interior decorating necessarily need to pay attention to the product to be toxic to human materials.Thus, most species of linoleum not only require significant energy consumption for production and subsequent utilization, but also contain harmful impurities.Preferably used floorings and mats made of natural materials such as bamboo.Bamboo Flooring - one of the most eco-friendly finishing material, while bamboo is easily decomposed and is growing rapidly.

account of the need and indicators such as the length of the functional suitability of the product (including the preservation of visual appeal) and the place of manufacture of the product.Finishing materials, which quickly lose their good looks, will likely require frequent replacement.What kind of sustainability is all about?And, of course, we remember how much effort and fuel need to be spent to bring the wallpaper, for example, from China.It is much more environmentally friendly will be a choice in favor of local producers.

Editor: Roman Adamov