Granite and marble in the decoration of the house

By Admin | Building Materials
24 May 2016
diversity of textures of stones, a wide range of colors, versatility of the material - all this could not possibly leave indifferent architects and creative people from all over the world since ancient.

Granite - durable, hard rock, granite is the strongest natural stone that has vnutrezernistuyu structure.Other stone - marble - crystal rock, which, according to some aesthetes, is considered one of the most beautiful decorating resources, these services with marble and granite supports a huge demand for them in our time.Both materials will last for hundreds of years in the correct operation, it is important to take timely measures to eliminate some minor flaws.

Marble, this is its main difference from the granite, in the care and treatment requires much more careful handling: it can not be subjected to long heat exposure, as well as marble will certainly need to be protected from chemicals that can harm the stone.To this day, many are very popular products made of granite and marble, these mater
ials make great accessories for furniture, decor items, able to create as a classic, fully rigorous environment and a modern, fashionable, or, say, move to the home ownerantiquity.

With granite and marble bathroom is the perfect place to finish the apartment and create a great atmosphere in the living room, hallway, you can also focus on specific areas of the apartment: on the stairs, on the mantel or on the windowsill, and can be completely customized to Buyitems: countertop, kitchen sink, column.

Housing, granite and marble - truly a fortress, it will look good on the outside and inside, finishing with granite and marble will testify to the excellent taste of the owner of the design house or apartment.

of granite great variety, from the centuries-old gravestones and monuments of all kinds, to the rare architectural products, decorative accessories and trim individual designer pieces.Of course, the granite is not the cheapest stuff, but the cost of its acquisition and installation cost of funds spent.

Depending on additional impurities, marble, on request, it can be a classic - "strict and cold," playful - "warm", but you can get fun motley color, lots of colors allows you to realize all our dreams breedsYou can even create a luxurious interior of the Royal apartments, or guided by ascetic motives to do everything humble and dim.

Granite and marble - the perfect material to create a strong foundation of the structure, creating a personal, individual fortress, be it a private home, filled with rare accessories that definitely become your family value, or the office worker, who will always look regal luxury.