Colored bricks

By Admin | Building Materials
23 May 2016
recently in the Russian market, new building materials.They pretty quickly gained popularity and consumer confidence.This is justified not only by their high quality, but also an unusual appearance.Among the new products released colored bricks.

Previously, houses were built of white or red brick.But the appearance on the market of colored bricks radically changed the situation.This material has opened up new possibilities for designers and architects.A wide selection and variety of shades and colors allows you to create a kind of colored bricks and unrivaled in its design and appearance of buildings.Currently, most commonly used in construction bricks that simulates natural stone.

Types colored bricks

Make colored brick of environmentally friendly ceramic components.According to the methods of manufacturing a brick is divided into three main types.It ofakturenny brick, fully colored and brick with metal-surface.

Ofakturenny colored brick is usually used for finishing high-rise buildings and st
ructures in which the brick is the least mechanical stress.Consequently, it will degrade less.Monolithic ofakturennogo brick layer has a thickness of 2-3 mm.Currently bricks ofakturennoy surface has more than 50 colors.This makes it possible to give the building a unique appearance.

Technology of fully colored bricks prevents the likelihood of various shades in places chips.Due to this property stained brick does not lose its initial color during operation rather long time.It is not produced various kinds of stains.Therefore painted brick is very practical to use.

most recent novelty among colored brick is a brick with metal-polymer coating.It retains its high strength at low temperatures and at high temperatures.It is best used for interior decoration, as its cover can imitate the very different texture (marble granite and others.).The only drawback to the metal-polymer-coated brick is its high cost.