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23 May 2016
Even the name of the country, the city is sometimes that we associate with a particular product.If the bank, the Swiss (Swiss watches are the same - the attribute of style and high status of the owner), if the porcelain, the Chinese, in the case of tea - India - the first thing that comes to mind is the lead auto production still belongs to the German and Japaneseproducers.This applies particularly to the brand of goods, the world-famous BMW, Microsoft, Nokia, Parker, Nesquik, Coca-Cola and others. These companies are a priori «№1» in its business segment.

If we talk about the building materials market, there acts the same rule known, recognized leaders in great confidence.Consumers know, as a rule, one or two of the most well-known brands and choose the most is blocked.Again, country of origin, plant / factory say a lot about the quality of the product.Sure, if you've ever had to deal with the construction, repair, you know, heard and used are likely to produce the best-known brands.

Mixers, installation systems - Grohe (Germany), nonwovens and roof and wall insulation systems - DuPont (France), materials (paints, varnishes) for the protection and decoration - Tikkurila, Beckers (concern Tikkurila, Finland) or Dulux (Concern ICI, England), roofing and waterproofing materials - Ruflex (group Katepal OY, Finland), etc.These companies are known brands widely available in Europe, Russia, CIS countries, and have earned the trust and recognition of customers.

the construction market represented a great variety of roofing materials for the different brands, different price categories, and, of course, the quality of the product.Every year there is an increase and market players roofing products, and accordingly, the goods offered.Most often advertised another novelty is the ancestor of color, shape, creative name, and the raw material for the production of the material does not change and, consequently, the quality of the new "wrapping" remains the same.Global changes: improving specifications, implementation of new technologies - this is a luxury for most manufacturers.Rather, it is a privilege, an opportunity for major players who can afford to invest in laboratory studies, to use expensive components to carry out the search for new technologies to maintain the existing level of the product or to improve it.

roofing materials in the world the same principle as in any other field.The guarantor of quality material are the "long-playing" already well-known companies, the recognized leader in the production of roofing and waterproofing materials, value their reputation.The cost and quality of the final product (two critical conditions) determined primarily initial components: the higher quality raw material, so it is more expensive, and correspondingly more expensive the final product.Conversely, low quality - low price, low price of the finished product.For all have to pay, and the price difference between 2-3 times "identical" materials likely to figure the difference in the class of goods.It seems everything is logical and easy to understand.But so far, you can often hear the question: "Why And more items in the product?"We have no question, "Why?"the comparison between a ballpoint and fountain pen, footwear from natural and artificial leather, ordinary windows and glass?The most obvious example of that is understandable to anyone - you can save money when buying and "for many years to enjoy" the invention of the domestic auto industry or "overpay" and buy a more reliable imported car.It is a personal choice.

Speaking of roofing materials Ruflex, a product of higher price category, which allows the consumer to acquire reliable material and guaranteed quality.The client chooses the shingles Ruflex, this wealthy person using the product and prefer materials with premium, knowing what and how much it gets, and that he gets.

difference between «Mercedes-Benz» and «Zhiguli" HUGE.Yes, not everyone can afford a «Mercedes», but those who have it, they know what they have, and it allows you to dream of another attribute of the same income.

Introducing brand RUFLEX its customers, trading house "Rufleks" primarily guided fundamentally important condition - to provide quality, reliable, guaranteed product.Even after a long time, regardless of circumstances, economic situation and other factors, our operating principles remain the same.

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http://ruflex.ru On our site you can find out more about shingles RUFLEX, get acquainted with a variety of collections, certificatesproducts and installation technologies.

We do not practice in their work cost reduction due to reduction in price of raw materials / components, as this is primarily reflected in the quality of the product.The more we read unacceptable to provide false information about the production of the goods, giving the products for which it is not.As a rule, this is a very common way to lower the cost of production by partial transfer to another territory, cheaper (for example, Russia and the CIS), besides promoting the former high quality is imported.

Roof Ruflex - is not a luxury, it's just an indispensable attribute of a handsome, dignified and secure home.

Shingles produced at the factory in Finland Katepal OY, which began operations in 1949.

Concern Katepal OY for the production of shingles

world-renowned group Katepal OY - is a high-tech enterprise, has become a pioneer in the market of roofing and waterproofing materials, in its way, a role model for future producers.The raw materials used in the production of high-quality components: NYNAS (Venezuela) - supplier of bitumen, MAXIT

(Germany) - the supplier of the granulate, Johns Manville (USA) - supplier of glass fiber, these brand name speaks volumes professionals and certainly deserves respect.For more than half a century, shingles production Katepal OY is a benchmark in the world of roofing materials.On the territory of Russia and CIS countries is the general distributor Trade House "Rufleks" delivering shingles Ruflex.
As part of our product category, we offer customers the most advanced solutions in the industry.

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