Decorating and design of the villa kitchen

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23 May 2016
Kitchen area in which you want to make a finish of 8.5 meters.It is small but it is enough to three people could eat at the same table.If more people moved away from the table and the walls all sit around it.

Finish ceiling

For ceiling finishing the villa kitchen dim-dim applied veneers 2400h1250 mm.and a thickness of 6 mm.FC.This waterproof plywood for building.He sawed plywood so that it was less scrap.

to the ceiling, he screws it is attached, and the center of the plywood for liquid nails.To close the seams he applied moldings or trim.I sawed it with a face saws for precision docking with another one casing.The width of the molding 9 cm. And a length of 2.9 meters the cost - 1050 rubles.(In 2009)

When plywood was cut to size, he polished it using the sander.First applied the sandpaper 120 to remove the bumps on the surface.Then fine sandpaper to remove the skins from the large grooves.Polishing is better to do the eccentric machine.

After polishing dim-dim processed plywood impregnated wo
od.After processing, plywood becomes lighter.Impregnation may be applied by brush and roller, and if you can.Excess impregnating need to rub.Interval after applying impregnation and trituration depends on the composition.

The alcohol must be applied immediately, without divorce, it dries quickly.dim-dim used "Belinka" - it dries for a long time, so it is in 5 minutes cleaned surplus.Surpluses are removed to reduce the likelihood of occurrence of divorce.To increase the brightness of the plywood, you can once again cover the impregnation, then the first layer can not rub, but the second layer should be applied to permanently dry surface.After processing, the texture of plywood remains.

Kitchen walls

For the walls cuisine dim-dim decided to use plywood and cork oak.The lower part of the walls, he escaped with plywood treated by impregnation.As a ceiling, plywood on the wall it is secured by screws to the perimeter, and in the middle liquid nails.Saomorezy and plywood seams he closed with carved oak planks.

on top of the wall in the liquid nails, he stuck the cork.The seams in the corners of the kitchen, he closed his fine oak bar.Oak planks and plywood covered it with varnish in two layers.


for panels used tapestry that accidentally fell on his arm.For frame - scrap oak and birch board.

birch he cut into parts of equal length and width of the frame with a margin.Reza so that no knots and other defects.Then planed on the same size in thickness oak and birch.Chop all the parts under the required size.

Oak sliced ​​part 80x80 and birch 635h80 mm.515h80 mm.and began to build.

this frame he collected using dominoes.Earlier be collected by conventional round dowels and flat.If you take a round dowel, he would recommend the two pieces.on the joint.First, you need to mark and drill Drill.Then you need to assemble the entire structure without glue, to check the dowel holes.

After making sure that all the details of it and gradually apply the adhesive glues the frame.To do this, first to the length of the billet sticks oak squares, clamps and clamps from left to dry for 20 minutes.

To preform (lower and upper part of the frame), it adheres to the sides of the frame of such a sequence - glue, dowel, glue, docking, and then clamps the clamps the finished frame and allowed to dry for 20 minutes.

grinds it dried up frame on all sides.This polishers used sandpaper - 60, 120, 240.

finished polishing it on Fraser made a tapestry insertion slot.Round the corners of the frame, wipe it from dust and varnished.

clock on the kitchen

for watchmaking, he has acquired an ordinary Japanese clockwork for 142 rubles.Arrows had to buy separately.In the course of hours, a pleasant and muffled the course of the second hand.

to dial it isplzovat piece wall panel (the remainder of the wall finishes).Rama made of oak and nmnogo Pomerania and patinated.

On the back of all closed with plywood, but left an opening for easy battery replacement power.

Making a cutting board

If you have a lot of kinds of scraps and have a desire to use them not only to heat your home, you have an alternative - they can make cutting boards.

to manufacture cutting boards forum member dim-dim used oak slats.

Preparation and production of

dim-dim to this question came up creatively.Above all, he otobiraet rail with a beautiful cross saw cut.Then their saws and plane - in a word processing, and at the end of polishing, giving the bars a decent view.For their cutting boards he used rail 25x25 mm.

prepared the slats he lays them on the table, as he liked it.While paying attention to the cross-cut pattern because it affects the resulting pattern.In the end, it all depends on your taste.

Gathering rail, it marks them not to mix with the gluing.Reiki glued long sides.Apply glue and rail contract.If a lot of them it is better not to glue everything at once, but a few pieces that then planed easier.

When everything is glued and planed obtained shield, which means that it is time to cut it crosswise fibers.Sawed across the rails, it is necessary to put them so that cross-cut was facing you - and then slats are glued together.

After drying, the adhesive begins the long process of finishing sanding board.After finishing this process you need to soak the board with sunflower oil and allow to dry.After drying, the board is ready to use.

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