How to buy concrete

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22 May 2016
now build simple and profitable.Currently, no concrete acquisition buyer runs for suppliers, and vice versa.This suppliers of materials and services to run and offer their services.

When buying concrete can not trust anyone.Deceiving with the brand of concrete and its quantity.And basically it involved the provider of concrete - mixers drivers.Thus, generally, all available documents from the plant to the concrete.

done so.Less concrete is poured or diluted with water.And if you are precisely calculated and you do not have enough, they say, allegedly filled in the factory as much, or you incorrectly estimate the amount.

And all these excuses seem plausible.Well, judge for yourself because you are not standing in the factory and were measuring, and suddenly it's true?In this and built the whole scheme of deception.More

sell part of the concrete on the road, but this is rare.Instead of the lower grade is poured, and thus cheaper brands of concrete, instead of 350 - 300 or 200.

Choosing plant

Or select plant where concrete quality is better?On this Mazaika says that at one plant in the production of concrete used plasticizer C3, and the other - the other, the third - the third, etc.The taste is not verified.

course, you can ask - whether the concrete is good really?No of course not tested, and who knows, the concrete is good or not - they are silent.

Therefore the terms of some rumors we Zhiguli, and then the Chinese cement, is impossible to distinguish truth.Of course, if you're lucky you can meet people who have the objective information, and they have no reason to hide it, or to distort.

That particular case

When Mazaika once again needed a concrete, he appealed to the "Mac-sky" factory, where he worked as an acquaintance.Concrete has managed it much cheaper.Stamp cost 3 350 000 rub per cubic meter.and for the delivery of 5 cubes - 1 600 rubles.

when once again he needed the concrete, he accidentally recorded phone providers in the concrete mixer.I called them and found out during a conversation, how much he was taking concrete on the "Mac-sky" factory, he was offered five concrete cubes 2 900 rubles.per cubic meter.and for the delivery of 1,000 rubles.After some thought, he agreed, but warned that if the concrete is not a quality he did not take.

a result of concrete brought excellent, he kept more mobility than a "Mac-sky" plant was spared in this 1000 rubles.

There were cases when the first mixer came with good concrete, to reduce vigilance and follow-up of the machine brought sand from stones with a small amount of cement and with plenty of water.

quality concrete

better to take a big stamp concrete, why not?The fact that the quality of the concrete may be reduced during pouring of the foundation.

During pouring of the foundation have Mazaika drive to the site was difficult and the workers of water added to the concrete 250 mark, so that the concrete flowed well, and, as is well known brand of excess water decreases concrete.And if the concrete was 350 marks, the addition of water has made its mark of 250, and problems with the placing and vibrating would not have arisen.It is better to overpay for the brand and make it right.

alternative in such cases - concrete.It is more expensive and often in its application might break the formwork, so it will have to book again, and in the Samara region it is less than 15 000 rubles.I do not leave.

How to resist the hype?

To do this, there is one way - to accurately calculate the amount of concrete.This simple task.The length of the object to be multiplied by the width and height, with a reserve just in case.If you need to - 5,4 cube, buy - 5,5 cube.And, of course, you need to take care, where you can fill in with the use of the remaining concrete.

Concrete need to order and pay for itself.Be present when loading, transporting and filling and to prevent the addition of water, except where the brand allows the concrete.Because the foundation of the house is its foundation, and should, do it right, but without fanaticism.

On the Internet, he read a blog where the author tells how the diameter of the valve and it is applied to the foundation, so it has exceeded all reasonable limits, and the brand has taken the most concrete like going to build a skyscraper.It turned out that the reinforcement he got it for nothing and so he has not regretted.

main building a house you want to control the construction and to keep abreast of prices for services and materials.You have to be enterprising, to draw on the knowledge of the forums from those who passed on their own experience no simple school building his house.

When the information is not distorted by advertising and comes from first-hand easier to separate the wheat from the chaff.Rethink and apply to their tasks.Indeed, many take up the construction of the house, not being experts in this matter, and make mistakes.I do not avoid these mistakes and writer Mazaika.

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