Roof shingles tests!

By Admin | Building Materials
22 May 2016

said: "In a dispute born truth."There are lots of favorite themes, which are constantly discussing, arguing about them, resulting in a lot of arguments, but did not reach the very truth.And it's still somewhere nearby.

most popular topics for such disputes - politics, football and repair.The first two topics really are endless, with regard to the repair and construction - the truth is born from the experience.How long shrinkage of the foundation of what materials can be of any undesirable build a house, how to build the roof of his house, to avoid problems in the future, any roofing material better, some worse, and so on ...etc.

Each debater brings a lot of evidence and is convinced that he knows better than all the answers to these questions.We decided to make his word in these discussions and to test roofing materials, so-called, roofs tests.

Roofs test 1. Waterproof and quiet shingles

To demonstrate this quality of a number of experiments: on the roof of a test house, covered with shingles, fo

r a few hours the water flowing in different ways and with varying degrees of pressure.Furthermore, to enhance the effect, under the shingles shingles were planted plain white paper to the end of the experiment to check its moisture content.

Roofs test 2. Fire shingles

One of the most important qualities of any roofing material - is its fire resistance.This is especially important for country houses.Especially in light of recent events - prolonged heat and widespread fires, destroyed entire villages, private cottages and summer houses.But the threat of fire is high not only in the summer time - the New Year holidays are rarely dispense with colorful fireworks, firecrackers and crackers, sparks are not always fly in the right direction.This roof-test we conducted a similar pattern - the roof of a test house "fired" from the rockets, lit sparklers and firecrackers directly on the roof, poured lighter fluid and burned with a blowtorch, threw off the hot coals of the barbecue.Here's what came of it: