Innovations for those who like to live easily

By Admin | Building Materials
21 May 2016
Change the scenery of your life and discover a way to change the space using mounts Command - a unique technological solution that replaced the nails and screws for hanging on the walls of the little things in your home.

With their help, you can hang any pictures, posters, photos and other wall decorations.And the main thing - now to hang on the wall with framed photos of yesterday's journey, you need a few minutes.

no nails, screws and marks on the walls!Mounts Command attached to almost any surface, firmly hold your favorite parts of the interior and removed with a single motion, leaving no trace on the surface of the wall.

Moreover, positive changes apply to all rooms in your apartment - because in this line of products includes all the possible practical applications of innovative technologies.

hooks and clips, wire organizers, special moistureproof fixing for bathrooms and kitchens are organizing the space around you as you are comfortable it is today.

New technologies allow you not only
to make optimal use of the space, but also to change all in one motion.A hook with a towel your child can travel along the wall as it grows, and posters in his room to display its immediate practical use without any damage walls and by the poster.

you can fix the wires from all your devices and gadgets, and in the case of replenishment of the family of technical innovations to organize this space again.

Mounts Command will make your interior brighter and life easier.Time useful to you to enjoy the result of their creative solutions.