Insulated house

By Admin | Building Materials
21 May 2016

But not only the materials retain heat in the house.With the help of special equipment, fireplace, special ventilation, dense walls and other tricks you can provide the desired temperature in the building.

Most of insulation materials are actively used in large-scale construction, do not have high-performance, although, of course, have a low price.

insulation foam glass Foamglass all kinds during combustion emit harmful substances for breathing, which can be more life-threatening.
mineral wool to some extent harmful to health, since they are a source of formaldehyde, harmful to human health.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for materials and protect the house and have high environmental performance.A suitable option could be cement particle boards .They are pleased with the low thermal conductivity, high insulation strength, fire resistance and environmental friendliness.Such plates do not emit harmful substances.However, cement-bonded materials are short-lived, and therefore not so easy: they have to be changed every 15 ye


If the climate in your area is humid enough, a good option would be pazogrebnevye heaters.Materials of this group are harmless and perfectly adapted to the constant humidity.

Siopor suitable for thermal insulation of pitched roofs and fill the space between the beams.insulation siopor addition, siopor and used to create the outer insulating walls sioporbetona.It should be noted that this material are increasingly choosing the owners of country houses, although it is also suitable for the construction of traditional high-rise.

Reduce energy costs for home heating in winter can be and with the help of surrounding buildings house.Suffice it to warm standing near barns, heat loss will be reduced by 10%.It is important to use the roof and facade materials.

help reduce the ventilation heat loss, although this method is rarely used in the construction and design of country houses.So, save energy and changed the system extracts heat exchanger (heat exchanger), which, unfortunately, that is too expensive.Imported heat exchanger model for 100-150 square meters.m will cost you 15 thousand. euro.

to warm areas of a good solution is the consumption of solar energy with the help of a special collector heaters.However, it should be remembered that in the winter the day is shorter than the night and the sun peeks less often.

Finally, the most inexpensive, but fairly effective method of reducing the flow of heat is the proper designing and quality construction.Any fracture, poorly assembled insulation and other little things will cause the growth of energy consumption in the winter.This means that building a house, even if it carries out a solid company, must be conducted under your strict supervision.Check the imported materials, quality of assembly and installation immediately, until all the work is not yet completed.

Finally, sometimes advantageous to use partitions instead of interior walls that allow for the rapid re-planning and reduce heating costs.