Various finishing cottages

By Admin | Building Materials
21 May 2016


most common and cheap material for a country house furnish - a siding.The most popular panels PVC vinyl with a thickness of 1 mm.They are easy to install because they are light and plastic.Siding can be any color, texture and texture, for example, finished wood or stone home decoration.Of course, in the area shows that this is not a stone, but from a distance it produces a good effect.This facade is good because it is easy to care for them (well washed), but unfortunately, it is so thin and fragile.

Those who do not like the finish of plastic, can choose facade boards or block-house.The feature of this material is that it simulates the cut logs.But behind the tree will have to pay more than plastic.

Both of these materials, as before, are in demand, but for houses with floor space up to 150 square meters.m. Buy them mainly for country house.


Among the finishing materials in the medium price category includes all kinds of facade panels and plaster.Stucco facade and the owners prefer home decoration respectable mansions, and the owners of panel-frame cottages.Among the materials can be divided into two types: acrylic plaster and dry mixes.Each of them has its own peculiarities - acrylic plaster is vapor-proof and good color stability and dry mixtures of plaster well lets couples.Furthermore, plaster work and requires a large amount of time as compared with the work of the installation of siding.In addition, you can work only teploё season.

House, whose facade is treated with plaster, looks natural and elegant, easy to repair and can not limit yourself to the fantasies of the choice of colors, textures and implement any architectural solutions.Assortment of plasters is very wide.And to say how much will cost an average of exterior decoration, it is not possible.

Decorative tiles and ventilated facades

To keep heat in the house and at the same time make it beautiful use various decorative boards and panels.For example, clinker tiles well simulates brick (made of baked clay).It can be beautifully arrange walls of the house, besides it is strong and durable and is not afraid of frost.Demand and wall panels consisting of insulation and ceramic tiles, they are further insulated house, and fastening of panels is not too difficult.

began to demand so-called - ventilated facades.They consist of lining, insulation and fasteners, and between the layers there is a gap for ventilation, so that no condensation and insulation is not wet.Trim can serve a variety of materials: cement board panels, decorative stone, fiber-cement boards self-cleaning.Advantages of ventilated facades that work on facing the building can be conducted in any season

Ceramics and brick

Among the most prestigious finishing options home decoration ceramic brick and decorative stone.Interest in it continues unabated, despite the high cost of material and labor.Brick veneer houses built of any material.If not enough money in the ceramic brick, the cost silicate.Natural stone is used for finishing basements cottages, giving structure solidity and monumentality.Apart from the natural materials used in the decoration of houses and their artificial counterparts.Vibratory casting method produces concrete tiles, granite tiles.They are cheaper, but many still can not afford.


Summing up we can say that for the facade decoration of the cottage are most commonly used:
to the lower price category belongs siding and other inexpensive materials.In the middle category
popular plastic composite materials and artificial analogues - "simulators".
And the most expensive exterior decoration - a combination of natural stone plinth with plaster or wood facade.