Bamboo - home decoration

By Admin | Building Materials
21 May 2016

Bamboo - home decoration very popular home furnishings and interior materials of bamboo.But if in our country, this material is relatively new, in China, Japan, Korea, bamboo has been used for hundreds of years to make furniture, houses, and even weapons and bridges

Earlier bamboo used in its original form, produced out of it relatively simpleproduct.At the end of the twentieth century, thanks to new technologies of processing of wood, it is possible to produce almost all of the bamboo was once traditionally made of wood.

As in our house can be made of bamboo?Firstly, of course, furniture.It's durable and garden furniture, and elegant bedroom suites, and facades for kitchens and wardrobes.The undoubted decoration of the garden will be a bamboo garden furniture or decorative grill on the terrace.And even bamboo - it blinds, decorative wall and ceiling panels, parquet flooring, baseboards, wallpaper ... the list is endless.

Bamboo - home decoration What determines such versatility of bamboo?Bamboo - an unique plant.Let us remember that this is not

a tree, and grass, bamboo grove with trunks height of 40 meters - not that other, as a meadow.Bamboo grows phenomenally fast, up to 5 centimeters per hour.The Japanese say that if you look at the bamboo, you can see how it grows.Cutting bamboo does not slow down its growth, Grove - ing quickly restored.The rapid growth of bamboo - a guarantee that the stems do not accumulate harmful substances, ie, bamboo - it is absolutely environmentally friendly material.

Natural bamboo moisture resistance and resistance to temperature changes can be used for decoration, saunas and swimming pools.The strength exceeds the strength of the majority of bamboo wood.Also this material excellent heat-insulating properties, high fire resistance and fibrous structure.All these properties are invaluable in the production of wall and floor coverings.

Bamboo - home decoration In Chinese culture bamboo is a symbol of longevity, generosity, material prosperity, fortitude and career growth.According to the teachings of Feng Shui, Bamboo interior home is able to absorb the negative energy, neutralize it.The owner of the home, decorated with bamboo, certainly will improve all the cases.

popularity of bamboo will impress even the manufacturers of computer equipment.Under the trademarks Dell and ASUS will be released computers in bamboo buildings.Manufacturers claim that they are attracted by the strength of bamboo and low toxicity compared to plastic.According to them, the production of bamboo enclosures causes less harm to the environment.