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20 May 2016

Sod roofs

one of the oldest roofing materials is the so-called turf roof.In architecture, it is called a "living roof".It creates a special microclimate.On such a roof can break the whole lawn, gardens and even for recreation.

Sod roofs

, a device of such a roof - the whole process.Living roofs are relatively heavier than the other, so it needs powerful and strong rafters boardwalk.On board solution bitumastic paste at least two layers of roofing material with extensibility in the joints.If the top layer of roofing material without major protective sprinkling, ie it does not roofing, fill it completely melted bitumen and doing dressed with small pebbles the size of 5-10 mm, vtopiv it into the bitumen until it liquid.In poured waterproofing layer thickness of 5-8 cm larger gravel and laid two layers of grass sod.The lower layer - the roots up, top - back down.

reed roof

From ancient times, people built houses, and covered it with reeds.The roof does not leak out of the reeds and durable enough (service

life of about 50 years).Eco-friendly and resistant to various weather conditions.

Reed roof

Nowadays modern reed roof covering expensive.Made from naturally grown steppe rushes.The stems of reeds at the bottom of knitted on special machines with rods and wire overtighten.To this material served quite a long time, it requires special skills styling and modern technology training straw.Impregnated with a special solution and is not only waterproof but also inedible for rodents.Reed does not absorb moisture, rain and snow roll down to the bottom of the stems of reeds its edge, and falls directly on the ground or in a groove.This roof is perfectly retains heat in winter and summer - cool.

Reed thickness of the coating is 30-35 cm. The length of cane 1.5-2.5 m. A square meter of reed roof weighs 35 kg.The type and depth of the jungle cover is individually designed by the house.Recommended for roofs with a simple shape and a slope of not more than 450.

slate roofs

Slate roofing has magical beauty attracts natural stone.Today, slate roof - the most expensive roofing material on the market.The high cost is due not only aesthetic, but also performance advantages.

Slate roofing

Slate - a natural slate, which is one of the most rugged and durable roofing materials.Harvest by hand.It was created by the nature for many centuries under the influence of high temperatures of sand and silt.Every single plate is split off from the blocks of rock - clay slate.It consists of several minerals sericite - 30-60% chlorite - 10-30% quartz - 20-40% calcite (calcite) or other carbonates - up to 5%, and others. Environmentally friendly.Slate has an excellent sound insulation, no noise in the rain, not deformed with frequent changes in temperature, non-flammable.

color natural slate dark gray, but there are also, and dark red, and green hues.

With an impressive number of forms, slate allows architects to create a variety of roof shapes.Stone plate of varying width (about 5 mm) and a height designed for various kinds of masonry.Mounted on the principle of scales in a way that the water flows from tile to tile, eliminating leakage.The service life of about 100 years.


One of the oldest roofing materials in the Russian market can be considered a natural tile.It has established itself for a long time, and firmly holds its position in the construction market.It has a great look on the roofs of any configuration.
have tiled roofs of many advantages.First of all - it is a natural material and therefore environmentally friendly.Reliability and durability, service life of about 100 years.This roof has a high decorative quality - from form to color tile.It has good sound insulation, high frost resistance and fire safety.


Do not forget that the original ceramic tile has high performance such as water resistance, resistance to adverse environmental effects, high flexural strength.

Installation and construction of such a roof is simple: speed of installation and the possibility of replacing individual elements - tiles are not directly attached to the crate, can withstand the weight of a person, which is very convenient for the movement on the roof, has only two vertical lock (no horizontal), hence - variabilityStep crates.Shingles - a material piece, and it allows you to mount even the difficult sections of the roof.

Nowadays, with the advent of technology, you can watch the rebirth of tile.On the market there are new the cheapest technology of exact similarity tiled tiles made of cement and sand (cement-sand tiles), of other materials: metal (metal) and bitumen (soft tile).

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