Using cement winter

By Admin | Building Materials
20 May 2016

Cement can be used as a building material in the cold season, but you should be prepared to provide proper workpiece when the low ambient temperature concrete will harden a bit longer.

There are many precautions you should take into consideration, to protect the working space for a long period of time until the material solidifies.It is also helpful to use special products to facilitate the work.

freezing of water in the solution

How to use cement in the cold season newly laid concrete in danger of being damaged when the water freezes in the solution, becauseice expands during freezing and it can destroy the crystal structure and the connection between aggregate materials and cement powder.

In the end, this leads to a decrease in the strength of concrete, increasing porosity and causing a loss of durability and the possibility of post-processing, small pieces of the processing affect the integrity of the concrete surface.

work can not be completed, if the temperature is below 5 ° C or when frost is expected in the next 24 hour


Warm water

Consider using a solution of warm water instead of cold when the temperature begins to drop, and always make sure that the bricks and blocks are properly protected from frost.

protection plates

Think about protection plates wrapped with polyethylene and / or other insulation, but keep them on stilts to prevent them from sticking to the surface.


vertical panels is also a good way to protect yourself from the cold wind, because not even in very cold weather, a strong wind can damage unprotected concrete.

Protection ice

There is something than you can help, especially during harvesting, check that the snow and ice have not been put in a solution.Always remember - a material having a thin cross-section, the risk of being damaged by a freezing process, the thicker and therefore require better protection.

complete the work as quickly as possible during the day, until the evening the temperature fell below zero.

products for use in the cold season

Use special products for use in the winter.For example, Portland cement, which rapidly dissolves and solidifies.It contains additives specifically designed to increase strength and durability of the structure, and can be used for repair and construction in cold weather where you need to accelerate and improve the process.

Further work can be continued after a few hours.


Normally, such concrete is used for the installation of wells, tiles, repair of basements, concrete walkways and steps.