Repair slate roof

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19 May 2016

After 12 - 15 years of use in the slate cracks and chips, it becomes more fragile.This article discusses the relatively new technique of repair slate roofs.

order to properly repair the slate roof, you must first understand the causes of damage.There are several common reasons: cracking sheets of slate from the strong pressure mounting screws, cracking of the small-diameter holes for the mounting screws, or improper storage and transport of corrugated sheets.

Repair slate roof

Earlier slate roof repaired as follows: Its clean, washed and dried, and then drying oil and painted with oil paint to protect from moisture and sunlight.Cracks were sealed with strips of cloth impregnated with the same paint.After these procedures, one could hope that the slate roof will serve another four years.

Nowadays with the advent of new technologies is possible to repair the roof of slate so that it stood for about eight years - ten.This method is fairly simple and requires no special materials.

For him, it is necessary to prepare m

aterials: water, PVA glue, cement grade 300 and above, and fluff asbestos.If this is hard to find asbestos, the suit and the usual asbestos for use in the work, he rubbed on a grater.Instead of PVA glue can be used with latex paint brands freezeproof E-BA-17, E-AK-111, E-HS-17, however, PVA glue preferable.Next, you need to choose the right day for repairs: to be overcast, but no rain.

Repair slate roof performed in several stages

preparatory stage.At this stage, the thorough cleaning and washing of the roof from dirt.She cleaned off the ground, sweep off a broom, then under the strong pressure of water, preferably from a hose, washed the roof, the cracked areas and heavily soiled must be washed carefully.Next, you need to give the roof being completely dry.

primer.Preparing a primer mixture of one part PVA glue and three parts water.After priming the roof must also dry well.


For this preparing the following mix: one part cement, three parts of fluff asbestos is well mixed, then added to dilute the above method PVA glue.If you are using latex paint, it does not need water to breed.The mixture should be prepared in small portions to use it for three hours.The mixture was stirred thoroughly and when diluted with water is brought to a consistency of sour cream.

now made prokraska any damages slate.This must be done carefully, at least two passes, the thickness of the mixture layer is not less than two millimeters.For prokraski slate sheets is better to take a broad paint brush, which for convenience can be done on a long handle.

To prevent cracks from moving man with asbestos cement sheets during repairs necessary to use a special ladder with the transverse plates.If necessary, cut asbestos cement sheets of slate can be a saw for cutting metals.

Editor: Roman Adamov