Poured floors in your home

By Admin | Building Materials
19 May 2016

What flooring you can choose today?

coatings on the market of building materials a lot.
In this article, I would like to draw your attention to the self-leveling floors.

Self-leveling floors

The name they had given that resemble traditional linoleum, only liquid.Gender smooth and without seams.Poured floors have different color palette.The coating thickness of the floor can be up to seven millimeters.For quite apartment half a millimeter.

Poured floors are called industry, and they are: epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate and acrylic cement.

in homes when laying floors using polyurethane coating.This eco-friendly type of coverage, resistant to abrasion and most suitable at home in their colors.With high hygienic properties, these floors "poured" in addition to apartments, offices and some production facilities, showrooms and studios.Yet they are well suited for the bathroom, toilet, loggia and terrace.

Restrictions colors allowed producers to self-leveling floors to find a way out of the situation.They have l

earned to put on a uniform color self-leveling floors are small dots or specks acrylic paint.The effect of this procedure makes it possible to get the floor similar to natural granite or marble.

Lest you fear for the quality of sex, reveal a few secrets

Poured floors are resistant to mechanical stress.You can not be afraid that your kid playing at home, dropping him to his car or other toy firm.Dents and chips on the floor will not.Temperature variations such sex "on the shoulder."Therefore, they are safe to use on balconies and cottages, which are usually in the winter without heating.

All self-leveling floors are certified

Pricing policy for them is a wide variation, ranging from ten dollars and ending hundreds of dollars per square meter, not counting the cost of the work on their installation.

In terms of service screed is much higher than other flooring.Among the "cons" for them it is possible to note - a small selection of self-leveling floors in color, and some difficulties during installation.You should thoroughly prepare the ground for future floor, perfectly aligning it with putty.Well, more an inconvenience that the service life of the floor for 40 years, and he can pretty bored.

However, environmental, hygiene, fire safety and easy cleaning leveling floors still talking about their practical use in everyday life.This means that among all the flooring, they have a place of honor!