Making the floor in the interior

By Admin | Building Materials
19 May 2016

color of the floor is very important in the interior of any apartment or house, and all the interior spaces.The floor should be not only beautiful but also durable - because for him all the time go, and it can quickly lose its original attractive appearance, if not select the correct cover.

tiled floor Usually professional designers recommend choosing neutral colors for the flooring to create a background - otherwise the floor may interfere perceive interior space.

Recently become fashionable floors made of natural stone, but they are quite expensive.Stone replace many travertine - travertine.

not lost its popularity in our country and ceramic floors - they look attractive and long serve.Large ceramic tile looks spectacular on the premises with a large area.

If you like ceramic tiles, terracotta color is suitable - it is always popular.A more preferable in the bathroom light colors - white and gray, with a splash or just white tiles.

course, can be used as flooring pottery, but the finest natural stone (of co

urse, if you can afford it).

looks wonderful wooden floors with "honey" shade, though dark colors more beautiful - a classic.On a wooden or stone floor is better to put large rugs.

bright wooden floors quickly get dirty and need special care, so you need to rub their special agents and bleach.

Carpet on the floor is also preferable to bright colors (the benefit is now the mass of any cleaning agents), and they look beautiful texture of fabrics.

Dark floors (such as wood and stone) are perfectly combined with any furniture and carpets of bright colors, handmade woolen carpets.By the way, handmade carpets better lay from one wall to the other.

general everything is better than we are going to use for a long time, choose light and neutral colors - the colors are always in fashion.
The natural color is also never go out of fashion, and they are many shades - nature itself will help you choose.
more vivid and bright colors can be used in the kitchen, for example - with mosaic tiles.