Choose what floor cover

By Admin | Building Materials
19 May 2016

Even during the crisis, unstable financial status - if the repair is started - it should be brought to its logical end.Based on the fact that we are all different people with different tastes and needs, the floors in your home, too, want not like at all.But how to choose high-quality material and, in addition, the relevant financial regulations pocket.Tips friends are not always adequate, each council that would like to own, and not what you need.Let's try to help deal with floor coverings, with their quality and price performance.

floor coverings most common and relatively inexpensive material is linoleum.It can be found in almost any institution, hospitals, schools and other educational institutions are no exception.And why?Because it is universal, practical material.For laying linoleum do not need to make any effort to care for him easier (suitable for almost any detergent).Linoleum ecological, fireproof material, and a rich selection of colors makes it even more attractive to buyers.

Along with linoleum using a

coating of PVC.This increased strength of the material.It is less prone to fading and heat.PVC price is slightly higher than that of linoleum, but then the quality is up to par.

people with traditional views on the design of the interior, with the inability to give up your favorite carpets, rugs and tracks can advise carpet - carpet.

In modern apartments in the design of such rooms as the children's bedroom or carpet is almost always used.It is made mainly of wool and nylon.

itself is warm and soft wool conceals small imperfections: stains difficult to withdraw, and the shock could hit (for a child's room, you see, is not necessary).In order to avoid these trouble makers added to the wool nylon and other synthetics.Elevated levels of nylon carpeting can use it not only at home but also in offices and other institutions with a large flow of people.Such a coating for a long time will look like new.Minus a nylon-wool coatings in the price - quite expensive nylon material.

be cheaper with the addition of polypropylene carpet.It is cheaper than nylon, and antistatic, but the level of fire safety is much lower.It is necessary to think about: is it worth to save money, sacrificing their safety?

carpet color palette allows you to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic hunger client.

floor coverings following material for the flooring - laminate.This virtually flooring has one big advantage - appearance.Laminate flooring mimics beech, birch, wenge and many other species of trees.Qualitative characteristics are high: wear resistance, impact resistance, ease of maintenance.But there are also disadvantages - laminate, laid on the floor with enough flat screed will squeak like an old floor in the hut of Baba Yaga.Money is, of course, more than the carpet, but get the perfect chic look of your room.

parquet Alternatively, you can use the floorboard.It is sold already fully treated.The thickness of the wood flooring will provide you with a good noise isolation and enable repeated sanding.

price matches the quality - good always expensive.By choosing this material you are, of course, suffer financially, but regret it never would have.

choosing one or another type of flooring, guided by their material possibilities, but do not forget about the appearance and, of course, the safety of the material.