Log houses

By Admin | Building Materials
19 May 2016

Some people think that the construction of wooden houses in our time "out of fashion", and the date is in the past.This view is a fallacy, because in recent years there has been steady increase in orders was a wooden building and especially from laminated veneer lumber.

Of the many types of wooden houses built today are increasingly began to order the house of laminated veneer lumber.The reasons for this are many, but we will look at a few basic.

Usually any wooden building material when dry hard enough changes its quality and appearance, and not for the better.Logs may crack along the axis of the barrel, and lumber - bending and twisting.Also, any timber subject to shrinkage on drying, and it is very complicate subsequent work, including finishing.

Log houses

Glulam radically different from other wooden building materials.It is produced by special technology, by bonding that is easy to understand the title material.Specially prepared and dried by planks glued together so that their fibers extend toward each

other, which eliminates deformation and warping of the material.Because the material is well dried at a stage of preparation for the construction, built a house out of it will not be subject to shrinkage, as the other wooden houses.

With this special treatment of the material's physical and geometrical characteristics do not change, either during construction or after completion.

Technology of laminated veneer lumber suggests another possibility: the timber can be made of such thickness and length which is required for the construction of a particular building.Solid wood beams practically impossible to produce, for example, twelve-length.

In the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber, you can use different kinds of wood.For example, one of the layers of material specially made of larch, because it does not rot.It is this layer after the construction of the house will be located on the outside of the walls, allowing them to easily withstand all atmospheric and climatic influences.

wood processing protective equipment, as well as its toning and coloring is much easier to make when the wood is completely dry.All safety and other compositions, as well as better penetrate the paint and is absorbed into the dry wood.

And another advantage of laminated veneer lumber - houses built of this modern material, look very beautiful and elegant.

House of laminated veneer lumber has smooth lines, clear forms and allows the architect to create any, the most original and daring projects.The quality of the construction works is still very high and the house gets stronger and stronger.

technology of building houses from glued beams appeared relatively recently - in Finland and then in Sweden.Today it is the direction of the wood construction because of its advantages is becoming very popular in our country.After all, everyone wants to have a reliable, beautiful and durable home from environmentally friendly material.