Glance mixes

By Admin | Building Materials
18 May 2016

mixes long and firmly entered the list of the main effective building materials.It is indispensable not only for emergency operations, when speed is important the setting of the mortar, but also popular in the production of works in new construction, reconstruction or repair, thanks to its unique properties.
shrinkproofing it mixes high-strength dry mixture of Portland cement, sifted sand (sometimes, to impart special properties) mineral supplements.

Portland cement is an inorganic binder, sand - fractional filler and mineral supplements to improve the technological properties of the mixture.When combined with water, and then curing the mixture starts to gain the necessary strength.


According to the classification attributed to fine-grained sand concrete, and for other purposes - to the structural concrete.Depending on the amount of portland cement and sand fraction (particle size) mixes assigned mark from 200 to 500. The smaller the aggregate (sand fraction smaller), the greater the bulk density,

greater volumetric weight and durable sand concrete.

mixes main advantages are:

  • ductility laying
  • has the property of rapid curing
  • density high strength
  • water resistance (this saves additional waterproofing)
    corrosion resistance
  • frost (frost reached the highest ratethrough the use of white Portland cement nizkoalyuminatnogo)
  • resistant to shrinkage (this is important when using mixes in load-bearing structures)
  • cheaper and stronger than conventional concrete solution

mixes find application in the following types of work:

  • Foundations
  • device and high wear-resistant screeds and concrete floors
  • device brickwork
  • embedment concrete structures and units
  • sealing of joints and seams
  • mixes manufacturing building blocks
  • manufacturing monolithic slabs.

manufacturing technology mixes is as follows: the dry mixture is added water until smooth, stirring carefully to maximize the sealing and after a 5-minute exposure, the solution is ready.

For example, if the device or screed concrete floors, freshly prepared solution pour the entire area of ​​the base and evenly compacted mixture.The coating may be used after 48 hours and the total strength attains packed sand concrete after 28 days.Due to the property

rapid hardening mixes indispensable for carrying out urgent repairs and construction, especially in addressing emergency situations.

mixes operating temperature range of +5 to +30 oC.
At lower and negative temperatures should be used antifreeze, however, such actions better align with building laboratories, asnot all mineral additives originally included in the dry blend mixes compatible with antifreeze chemical additives.