Facing front of the wooden house with tiles

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31 May 2016

Lay the foundation to build the walls, lay floors and roof, perform interior trim - a significant part of the construction of the house, but not the whole.Any building, especially wooden, needs facing of the facade, which is primarily designed to protect the walls from the cold and moisture.

Facing tile house, compared with other materials, has many advantages: in contrast to the siding, tile looks more natural and aesthetically pleasing, unlike stone, which is hardly suitable for a wooden house built on a lightweight foundation, tile easier.

Among other advantages possessed by facade tiles, it should be noted its decorative qualities: modern production technologies allow to produce a wide variety of tile colors, as well as simulate any pattern and texture: brick, stone, marble, etc.

Mount Technology

for mounting tile battens made from galvanized metal profiles or edged boards, which by means of screws to fasten the material.Elements of wooden battens should be treated with an antiseptic to prote

ct the facade against mold, mildew and rot.

Tiles can also be installed "wet" method using a solution.Thus, metal plates, which are intended for fastening to the crate is folded and dipped into the solution.

Lathing is needed to prevent moisture penetration of the facing wall in solutions as well as to improve the resistance tiles static and dynamic loads.

participant of the forum "Home and cottage" Belmar stones wooden house from profiled bars 145 mm, with strip foundations.She advises to use for sheathing dry edging board 100h25 to cap - metal profile.For the purpose of home insulation laid under the tiles two layers of insulation 5 cm.

tile installation begins from the second row.To fasten the wall pre-aligned profile, which put the second, third, etc.ranks.Start checking the level of the ranks: the smallest curvature will grow up, which could result in the vertical gap between the tiles.

Tile is easy to saw and drill bits.When cladding is mounted plinth, then ebbs, and only then - the first row of tiles.The last mounted corners.

cap for extra protection from atmospheric moisture around the perimeter put the shield of asbestos cement sheets or reinforced concrete slabs.

Due to the porosity of the finished corners owners did not buy.According to Belmar, the installation is easy to start from the corner, but the next corner is difficult to approach: you have to cut figured.No new posts Council adjourned the corners tiles "small stone chip."

to work on the house wall with insulation (the amount of the wall 250 sq.m, basement - 50 sq m) four experienced professionals spent four weeks working 10-11 hours a day.

Calculation of

Belmar initially agreed with her husband on the wall at home with the construction company, which included the preliminary estimate of the stock of tiles in the amount of 20% of the wall area.The manager explained it more battle during storage and delivery, and additional savings on shipping, if the material is not enough.

new posts drove to the office of the company, the seller, which revealed that the fight is almost no delivery, and to tile is not damaged during storage, it is necessary to put vertically.There she was advised to take stock of 10%.After delivery came just 4 pieces of battle, during storage - any after cladding left 10.5 m 25 m tiles stock cap - 2 sq.m.

color tiles

The contract, which was concluded with the supplier mentioned about the color of the tile may be different, be lighter or darker.However, in order Belmar met tile, which was not a shade lighter or darker, and yellowish, spoil the view of the walls.No new posts advises negotiate this point with the seller and to warn workers that they did not use this tile.A more serious problem arose with the color of tile plinth.The owners ordered blackened, but the color turned out to others, and even brightened after a while.

Belmar made such CONCLUSIONS :

  • house facing tiles are expensive (price of the tile "Canyon" - 730 rubles per square meter, the price of work - 740 rubles. Per square meter);
  • if you use a tile "Brick", we see that the walls are not made of bricks and tiles from certain, however, according to new posts, it does not spoil the appearance of the house, the more so from a distance of one meter gap is notnoticeable;
  • have to be careful when buying the material: the color of the tiles may not match the sample and can brighten during operation.

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