Holiday house for parents

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31 May 2016

house was built for the parents of a recently acquired site.The task was to build it for little money.

originally planned to house the size of 6x6, then his father found that the 4 acres of land is a big house and reduced to 6x4, and then again changed to 5x4.Then came the controversy where to put it - along or across the area


clay soil on the site, the groundwater flow at different levels.To reduce the cost of the foundation, at the request of his father, SSDV 6 pits dug to a depth of 1 meter and a width of 0,6h0,6 meters.At the bottom of the pits made the expansion of up to a meter in case the upper layers of soil heaving during freezing will pull the top of the foundation, in this case, the base will be expanded to resist.Above ground pillars rise to a height of 0.5 meters, and the size of the pillars 0,3h0,6 meters.All markup conducted with the help of ropes and gidrourovnya.Despite such simple tools, everything turned out smoothly.

SSDV have been concerns about the

foundation, but over the winter changes the foundation has not happened.

of construction

on concrete pillars of the foundation as a "grillage" he put: on the long side of the house bar 250x250 mm and the short side 200x200 mm.Bruce secured to the posts of the foundation with anchor bolts.

floor and walls

top of the sill, he spread a floor joists of the board 50x200 mm.500 mm.The walls of the first floor began to build from SSDV board 50h150 mm.pitch bearing struts 500 mm., not pitch bearing struts 1 meter.

design of the walls and the floor is that the walls are based on the bottom plate (beam) and not on the floor.With the construction of the wall he did not jib 2 at the corners, but closer to the middle.

cantrail SSDV decided to make one board 50h150.I did not see the point in installing 2 -3 boards.

Laghi ceiling of the second floor, he boards a bed of 50x200 mm.500 mm.For racks used the second floor board 50h150 increments of 1 meter.

According to the plan, the house he wanted to sheathe facade Decking and therefore horizontal sheathing has been made, but in the process of building his father again, he changed his mind and decided to cover the house with vinyl siding.

Under construction decided to make the balcony to enjoy views of the surrounding area.


This roof design was not chosen randomly.He wanted to achieve the maximum usable area of ​​the second floor.More advantages of the roof is that the room is not heated due to the space between the inner walls and roof.Moreover, this space can be used as additional recess.Under the eaves, he plans to make the lighting.

During construction, he used a circular saw Hitachi and just an ordinary handsaw.

roof he covered with his father red metal tile to the country after stopping work.More

such roof structure is convenient because it is well cleaned and her little accumulated snow.

house warming

For warming of the ground floor, he used Isover rolls of 50 mm, and the second floor is insulated with foam.

materials for the construction of the house he bought about 9 cubic meters of wood.He mainly used the board 50h150 mm.(Walls, roof) and 50x200 mm.(Ceiling of the second floor and the floor joists).

cost of the house is about - 190 000rubley