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31 May 2016

For each person it is important to have in a place where he could relax and gain strength.Since ancient times, one of these towns was a Russian bathhouse.However, not everyone can afford, even on a suburban site to build a separate steam room.

Yet it is not necessary to abandon the pleasure warm up at home at any time.After all, it is enough to free space - whether it is a bathroom or a basement of the house - build a sauna built.Especially since it does not require a separate room and engineering work on summarizing sewerage and communications.

design and materials

Built sauna - this cabin, made of wood and heated oven, stove: at their summer cottage - wood or electricity in the city - just electric.During the construction of the steam room, various types of wood, a popular Scandinavian spruce and pine, hemlock and cedar, less - common pine and spruce and hardwood (aspen and linden).

walls built saunas are carried out in a frame, upholstered on both sides lining.As a heat insulator used cork,

mineral wool or fiberglass insulation.To achieve sealing the doors, the edges do three-way, the glass door seal with silicone.

for good ventilation and prevent condensation distance between the cab and the wall must be at least 50 mm.

Everything it touches people - headrests, shelves, supports for the back and leg supports under - should be done from abachi - African tree, which has low thermal conductivity and prevents burns.

Sex in the sauna is better to make tiles.On top of it, or put a wooden plank trapiki wooden lattice.For room lighting fixture used in a sealed enclosure that is mounted to the recess in the ceiling.Switches endure in an adjacent room.


Member Forum "Home and cottage┬╗ Step48, with extensive experience on the device saunas, advises first determine the location for the sauna and its size.The next step trim room, leaving the walls of the pair intact.


frame saunas, permitting room dimensions, collect on the floor, otherwise directly attached to a wall.To protect the frame from the wet floor, the master recommended to put it on the aluminum profile, it is also possible to lift and secure it on the wall.The frame is collected in a square, then sheathe the outside.If the sauna is inserted at the place, often make a double frame, first attach to the outer wall of the vertical bar 50 mm, which sets the ventilation gap.

After all sheathed roofing membrane.This is necessary to ensure that the insulation does not fall in the ventilation gap and did not get it the moisture from the outer wall.Then, the main frame is made saunas.Step48 In its dimensions are 40x50 or 50x50 mm.Step to the width of a heater minus one centimeter.As a heater forumchanin suggests using the hard basaltic ("stone wool") or foil "Isover" foil outside.


Provision for lamps made of heat-resistant wires.Step48 uses three wires: the phase, zero and earth.The wire does not connect the ground (but it might come in handy), plastic body throws under shelves: top temperature is too high.The ceiling is better simmered, do no more than 210-220 cm from the floor.


When the device applies a ventilation specialist Swedish manufacturer of saunas TYLO: air inlet hole makes strictly under the oven, it is always open, the oven is located on one side of the door, made two exhaust holes on the opposite wall: one - the ceiling (only openswhen dry), the other - under the shelves (always open).


insulation used for wall 50 mm for the ceiling - 100 mm.Next, using a stapler walls are sheathed with foil.Simply working with foil, reinforced thread on paper: an accidental laceration she rushes to the cord yarn.Step48 prefers to use a thick one-piece foil.

All joints and staples from the staple foiled glued shut.To achieve the effect of "thermos", between the foil and lining makes the air gap, fixing screws from the top rail of the foil thickness of 18-20 mm and then - battens.

Sheathing lining is best done horizontally.In this case, each board will be in its temperature zone (the sauna temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling varies from 40 to 120 ┬░ C), thus preventing "warping" of the board.It will also be easier to replace the bottom of the board in case of damage from moisture.


Step48 frame under the bench attached to the wall.Hanging shelf he can withstand the weight of up to 500 kg, sometimes the master puts 2-3 backups on several stalls.Drawer easy cleaning in the room.

lounges When the device you need to install the elements embedded in the attachment points to the frame sides of the sauna.Fastening flanges finishing coating is performed so that the front surface without any trace of metal fasteners.

Next frame clapboard, which is called - "shelves".Its size is 25h90 mm, using lime, aspen, pine or abachi.

Oven Electric oven built for the sauna should be selected according to the rule: one kilowatt per cubic meter volume of the space.For steam 2h2h2 meters will need the oven for 8 kW - it will provide space heating for one hour.

Do not turn on electrical appliances during the warm sauna!

wood stove to heat have much longer under it and usually equipped with a chimney set the foundation, such as the weight of the stove is large enough - up to 250 kg.

the heater, use only the stones: Scandinavian diabase, volcanic peridotite and gabbro-diabase Karelian.Stone with granular structure, such as granite, by changes in temperature can crack.


At the final stage get off the corners, baseboards, joints.Parallel to hang and connect an electric furnace.If the control panel is displayed outside the saunas, the wires are placed in the wall to foil linings.Next, attach lights and shades closed.

sauna use for lighting lamps with low voltage (12-24V) and a capacity of no more than 60 watts.

At the request of the fence to make the stove and wooden lattice on the floor.At the end of all the wooden elements (shelves, back, railing, lattice, headrests, etc..) Are coated with a special oil for the shelves.


  • insulation is placed against a wall;
  • foil is attached close to the bunk;
  • foil tape is not glued (wetting insulation);
  • closed space for shelves (no ventilation)
  • foil used on the basis of polyethylene foam that can not withstand high temperatures.


cost of construction built in the sauna - from 30 000 rubles.Term - about three weeks.Costs depend on the materials used: dried or raw wood for the frame, the type of insulation, etc.Step48 advises not to save on wiring.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"