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31 May 2016

Dmitri was giving - six acres.But "holiday comfort" horticultural society he was tired.And so he decided to get rid of it and create a cozy family nest elsewhere and a large area.

search for a suitable site lasted two years and have wanted to find something simpler, but suddenly came upon a small ad in the newspaper.Arriving at the place, he saw a good flat area near Moscow starodachnom cozy place.And so in 2000 he bought a magnificent land with magnificent trees.


For the future it is important to the successful building of a well-written T3.The project house thought long and hard with the whole family.Draw the size of the house, the necessary premises, think the style of interiors and exteriors.Accumulating design and planning materials.Looking through magazines, Dmitry came across a house project "Edna" Vitaly Yurchenko.He then served as the basis for the project as the future home coincided with many aesthetic wishes of the family.Thus the total area of ​​the house was - 154,1m.kV.

First of all, the site was divided into official and private zone.In the main facade leaves room, technical room and hallway.In the private area - kitchen opening out onto the street and sleeping grandmother.

On the second floor are three bedrooms, two children and a parent, as well as a bathroom with bath and storage room.Also formed more comfortable loft of 40 m / 2 for the necessary and unnecessary things.They like to gather the children, getting there on a folding ladder.

chosen as the foundation concrete to a depth of freezing belt and + 10 cm. The top floor as the first floor flooded monolithic slab thickness of 160's cheaper than a standard crane to put the plate.And it is not necessary for them to adjust the size of the house.

Walls set of foam blocks 300 mm. + 50 mm insulation. + Facing brick 120 mm.the color of straw.

ceiling of the first floor is also filled with concrete.The height of the first and second floor is - 290 cm. The stairs to the second floor has two flights of 90 cm each.

as roofing tiles used soft.It is covered with an abrasive which does not allow snow to slide off the roof.Although the angle of 45 degrees in a few years of operation with no roof slid none snowdrift.In terms of value, it is cheaper than metal (including roof features a lot of waste).But it is necessary to strictly observe the installation technology.This roof is in contrast to the metal is not breathing and if you do not make the ventilation gaps incorrectly set ventilation skates and aerators, the end of the roof come inevitably and quickly.The cost of roofing materials, with roughing and finishing work was - 13 000 dollars.

House construction began in March 2002.In August box was constructed with a roof, doors and windows are inserted.At the house left to settle until the following year.In winter, the house was maintained at 5 degrees Celsius by electric radiators.

The following year, the builders have finished the basic trim, paved all the necessary communications.Having prepared in the main house to stay.Then, within a few years, the family of Dmitry quietly settles home.

House decoration

On the ground floor as the flooring has been used ceramic tiles.It is very convenient - you can not go out into the garden changing clothes, and if there is dirty it can be washed easily.In the bedroom, put Quickstep laminate.On the second floor, on the floor, too, laminate.

Walls made simple - plastered, painted and plastered.The ceiling is plastered and painted.Decorative stone-slimbrik Eurocom did finish arches and fireplace in the living room.

fireplace furnace acquired Spanish «Invicta».The beams in the ceiling of polyurethane.More for home heating Dmitry purchased Czech wood-burning boilers.After that heating costs decreased repeatedly.

For all facade and interior finishing work during the operation no complaints.Everything is well kept and there is no cracks anywhere.Construction of the house was going well and without errors.The key to success during the construction of the house, according to Dmitry - a competent and TK draft with good detail.

House was very comfortable, cozy and warm.At 150 m / 2 missing 12 kW of electricity.


Brick Channel for chimney in the house had.Therefore fireplace Dmitry made independently.Ordered tubes 1 mm thick stainless steel.Then, the pipe installed in the chimney, wakes perlite and laid a brick.The furnace for fireplace - Invicta Selenik 700 inexpensive quality and good design.

After installing the stove pipes placed on the bricks, connected to a chimney and heated.After that, around the stove began to make a box of foam blocks with installing foil insulation inside.Top made decorative stone cladding Eurocom.

At the time, the furnace to the chimney cost of $ 1,000.This all works fine, but the stove is lit with a match, does not smoke, and gives a good heat.


The house has a boiler room, there are two boilers, electrical hanging on the wall and on the floor is wood.At night, the house is heated by electricity and firewood during the day.But usually after a night of heat lasts for the whole day - the house slowly cools.

Hot water comes from a 100 liter electric boiler accumulating.It is installed in the pantry on the 2nd floor.

wiring metal-based heat he did.From one point of the shortest distance fan tubes are each radiator, both the first and the second floor.The pipes are in screed.The liquid used distilled water.


waste goes down the drain, and from there to bioseptik "Tapas."It is 2 meters from the side of the facade.The system is very reliable, there is no smell and does not require intensive care.Water from it after cleaning out the well to sand.

Basic materials spent on the construction of

  • Bought aggregate concrete blocks - 58.7 m / 3 the size (300h200h600);
  • Facing front brick (including pipe chimney) - 16.3 m3;
  • Red hollow bricks (for facade plaster) - 7.3 m3;
  • concrete preparation for the foundation h = 100 mm.Brand B7.5 - 8 m / 3;
  • concrete on the foundation brand B15 - 46 m / 3;
  • Solid ceiling floor and ceiling of the 1st floor - 16.6 m / 3 and 2 floor - 12.7 m / B15 3 of concrete thickness of 160 mm.- 29.3 m / 3.

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