Step Six selectable autonomous sewer

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31 May 2016

Step Six: A simple solution to complex problems - TOPAERO

main problem of wastewater treatment plants - a large amount of relief salvo in the morning or evening, when the inhabitants of the house most heavily used sanitary point.It would seem possible option to improve the performance of the treatment plant is the replacement of the sewage treatment plant, or an increase in processing speed volley dump that entails poor quality of waste water treatment or an increase in the reception chamber, which leads to its overload.Each of these methods requires an investment of material resources and physical labor.

new and effective way to offer engineers GK "Topol-ECO."The company's specialists have developed an innovative scheme of the wastewater treatment plant and created an entirely new model of the WWTP "TOPAERO."The principle of the treatment plant is simple: during rush hour, when there is a volley discharge cleaning system automatically switches to the peak operation, accepting and processing the

large volumes of waste water from all toilets at home without sacrificing the quality of cleaning.After finishing volley dump construction returns to the main mode.

Dimensions treatment plant "TOPAERO" remained the same while reducing the weight of equipment.The introduction of new technological methods and design improvement dramatically reduced the cost of the treatment plant and installation work easier.Thanks to innovations in electrical installations, reduced connection time, and increased functionality and reliability.

Wastewater treatment plants "TOPAERO" are used for wastewater treatment, household type in the daily volume of 3 to 32 m3.

Before the official presentation of the new wastewater treatment plants, GK "Topol-ECO" has tested structures on a special testing ground, where conducted scientific testing of all developments of the company.

Sewage Treatment Plants "TOPAERO" have a full package of permits and technical documentation: certificate of conformity of the Russian Federation, environmental certification, and received the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion Services Consumer Protection and Human Welfare in the Russian Federation.

Treatment facilities of GK "Topol-ECO" the most suitable for installation in small hotels, roadside hotels, motels and campgrounds word in institutions situated at some distance from residential areas and without access to a central sewage.In addition, waste water treatment plants "TOPAERO" ideal for country houses, cottages and estates, where 10 to 20 people, as well as mansions and villas, which regularly hosts important business events and receptions with a large number of invited participants.

We hope that the proposed information will help you to draw certain conclusions regarding the efficiency and practicality of wastewater treatment plants.Make the right decision, you will be able to provide a comfortable environment in the house and careless operation of the treatment plant.