Frame bath for parents

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31 May 2016

construction framing bath

Two weeks after the proposal to build a sauna in the home to mosich father called and said that the working Sasha, who works with him and sheathes house siding, has dismantled a shed in the place which he was going to build bathhouse.Tuesday will deliver lumber for the construction of the carcass baths, so by Monday, that is, for three days, the pile foundation must be prepared.A build bathhouse is Sasha.

After discussing the draft resolution of the foundation decided to make a 5x5 meters.Will build a framework bath with wall insulation 100 mm, the roof and the floor is 150 mm.Toilets will be no vestibule, too.That is, the bath is intended for use in the summer.

at the construction site bath height difference of 80 cm of soil. To address this shortcoming brought 2 Kamaz sand.His father wanted two cars, and he drove the two Kamaz, which was more sand than necessary.

bath decided to put on stilts.We came specialists and spun piles for the foundation.But s

ince they did not have the welding machine, he has only himself on Thursday mosich welded headroom, which will be attached the entire skeleton bath.After piling height difference the soil removed with sand.

pile foundation made of pipe length of 2.5 meters each.Total scored 9 tubes (piles).Two piles were not included until the end, so they had to cut.By the corner pile nailed two pipes.Piles cost in 4000 rubles.Unit with the delivery and installation.

To build the bath, his father hired worker Sasha, who previously had worked.Bath, he decided to build it alone.For a week he lifted the frame walls and erected a truss system.Then spread a roof of metal roofing and covered with antiseptic bath all wood constructions.

All bath Sasha sheathed bloghausom.But he had not enough, so the rear gable was sewn planed board with an overlap.This all turned out well.The corners of the bath is scheduled to close vertical planks and painted in contrast, with respect to the walls of the bath, color, beauty.


worker Sasha not understanding, or unknowingly nailed block house right on the wind and waterproofing without ventzazora.

According mosich interior trim makes the bath working satisfactorily.Inside the bathhouse in the steam room seemed to all as - foil, and the gap is sheathed clapboard ("lime lining").The window for steam special ordered with toughened glasses.

Outside bath Vultee Color painted two coats of satin.Before installing the stove to heat their bath twice in the street.Check how it works.After installing the stove, its besieged Vitebsk brick.

water for a bath is planned to take from the river by means of hoses and pump.Toilets in the bath there, so dirty drains not.And pour the water from the shower will be on the ground, outside the foundation.

Now that the room is almost built, it remains one small thing - to carry out electricity and steam to start