Patio in the village Gadyukino

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31 May 2016

Until recently vacationers imagine relaxing in the garden in this way: to get comfortable in a rocking chair, a deckchair or on a bench with a glass of beer or a book.Today this seems a little much, but because in the suburban areas are increasing the patio: and comfortably dine with the family and pass the long summer evenings with friends.

Construction patio is complete without decorative and functional elements: the raised beds and number of pockets, climbing plants and flowers in containers, barbecue, garden furniture, pergolas, ponds and original fixtures.

lights up as an idea and forum member "Home and cottage" Saturn-MC.Dacha owners bought in 1987.Shabby and battered house has got them for three thousand rubles.All alterations made yourself: purified branches with fir trees, tore manual plane left from the carriage board, kneaded concrete into a trough, a wheelbarrow carried water from the river, located in two hundred meters from the site.Built a small makeshift and set frame.A few years later

it acquired the villa civilized.

passed a difficult period of building work on a quick snack, and cottagers wanted to arrange a place where one could dine quietly.Thus was born the idea of ​​building a patio.

Saturn-MC chose the most beautiful place and removed topsoil.I fell asleep sand for drainage and land laid 3x4 m outdoor tiles.We put a table with an umbrella and then set about the construction work.A few years later his wife Tanya decided to make a small pond.His staged from the tank 150 liters left over from the old summer shower.Buck dug into the ground, pasted two layers of film for swimming pools, lined with brick.

Soon vodoemchik prettier simple: there was a fountain, lilies, and the first tenants - Carpiquet Koya.Converts and patios: the owners have planted grapes, weeping birch and jasmine bushes.

to the whims of nature did not prevent comfortable spending time in the courtyard, we decided to make a big shed with a transparent roof and a concrete floor, from neighbors to build a brick wall, then hang where the projection screen.The construction planned light and airy: a metal frame with PVC awning and side - curtains as protection from the sun.

So homeowners removed tiles (posted from her track to the garage), cut the top layer of soil and mark the area 6,5h4,5 m. Saturn MK-drilled holes for the poles;using welding, made of construction fittings for the bookmark in the hole, then welded to them pillars profile 10x10 cm.

concreted (with accessories) foundation under the columns, the column and started welding.After installation and painting frame forumchanin attached roof.Then, the hosts started preparing to fill the base.Leveled plot and plan deviations, laid fittings, conducted electricity to the pond, etc.

Concrete Saturn-MC decided to knead itself, though it was scary - it was necessary to prepare the 5-6 cubic meters.Sand, cement, gravel, ten glass blocks, two bags of large pebbles mixed in a concrete mixer.Validating kneaded and flooded, and his wife immediately adorned concrete pebbles and glass crystals from OBI.As soon as the site to freeze, as it once appeared beauty - vases of flowers, garden figurines, table and chairs.

brick walls were built along with a table to save space.Downloads 748 chocolate-colored bricks, and given the possible difficulties and saving time, invited "specialist" whose work had now and then to monitor and correct.While Wall was built, the owner was making the rods and welded them to the 10-centimeter elements inserted in the holes in the bricks.

welded structure of the table, making a precaution recess under the sink.All are covered with flat slate, put a metal grid for concrete table laid wiring for outlets, a table filled with concrete, they also ennobled the entrance to the patio, planted grass.

first roof made of tent.Subsequently, however, there were problems: a strong wind came off the clamps, which are mounted behind a shed, and during the shower water is not draining and tent sagged under its weight.So we had to make a shelter made of polycarbonate with a slight curve.

Saturn-MK boil vault roof, his wife and painted tidying.We hung curtains.As a result, the roof came multifunction: large awning hung for protection from the summer sun, and in the autumn it removed to let the sun warm the courtyard.

After winter Saturn-MC came to the conclusion that it is necessary to redo the roof - to strengthen additional power profiles and a few change the geometry: a canopy covered with ice and a thick layer of snow that had to clean so that it does not damage the structure.

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