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31 May 2016

foundation baths

soil in areas of peat is 120 cm and iron ore, so the foundation trench dug to a depth of 180 cm. Then, make a sand pillow, spilled water and stamped to 150 cm. Erected formwork and filled with concreteplinth height 70 cm above the ground.

plan bath

Banja is built from logs 24 cm thick. The size of the bath - 11h3 meters.Lounge has an area - 5,5h3 m, shower - 3x3 m, sauna 2,5h3 m and a veranda 5,5h3 meters.

On both sides of the bath are an extension of 3x3 meters.Steering block house, but not insulated.

use bath

Bath with insulation and is suitable for use not only in summer but also in winter.The large size of the bath is done in order to save.In order not to heat the house in winter, it was decided to use the bath, so it is large and spacious.

for a comfortable stay in the common room has a bed, a second stove for heating in the winter.There is everything necessary for living: TV, refrigerator, table, etc.

For heating steam oven he bought Volcano 09 (1

4-16 cubic meters).The main stove stones Stayer4x4 added another 120 kg of stones and arranged them along the pipe.

Firstly, it is made to cover up the not very beautiful pipe.And secondly, with the help of their long held the heat in the sauna.Oven obkladyvayut special solid bricks for furnaces with two notches on the top.The width of the shelves in the steam room was - 60cm and a length of 2.00 - 2.40 and 1.90 cm.

furnace inspections have shown that the bricks at the point where the top of the logs are heated slightly.The plans to close their natural marble or granite.

whole room is insulated 200 mm Rockwool in Pergamino.All corners are insulated with additional insulation of the rollers.

Doors and windows

Windows made especially in front of the opening, and a porch for sitting inside the window to see a nice landscape.

summer is supposed to use "front" door, and in the winter include the room warmed through the vestibule on the left.

Sex in the shower

Sex in the shower is made of a laminate class 32 locks - junction missed the mark a special gel for laying laminate.The gel prevents water from leaking between the boards.

In addition, large amounts of water will not be there, the water is only in the shower, and before it is absorbent mat with rubber backing.And who wants to quickly rinse it can run in the pool, located in front of room.

Construction costs

on pouring the foundation bought a 20 m / cubic meter of concrete - 85 thousand rubles;
baths used for the construction of 25 m / cu.logs - 250,000 rubles;
Block House has managed to - 20 000 rubles;
cost of the Finnish metal roof was - 67 000 rubles;
Vulcan oven 09 for a sauna, chimney screens, basalt wool - 25 thousand rubles;

shrinkage baths

By June 2010, gave the room shrink by 3-5 cm. After that were put windows and doors.Heating of saunas test conducted to verify that.All checks have been "good" or "excellent."

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