Building a house out of blocks

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31 May 2016

Like most summer residents, who are beginning to build houses on their own, the forum member Venefica and her husband Vitaly were new construction, but despite this they have gathered the necessary information on the forum and started building a house of blocks.

Installing foundation

The area was already an old wooden one-story house.Therefore, to properly put a new pit for the future structure had to dig right next to the old porch.


First of all, they ordered an excavator who dug a pit for the future size of the house on the outside wall of 10 x 10 meters.Then we make the drainage system consisting of stones and pipes.The tube is brought into the well, and then the trench into the pond.On top of the drainage system filled sand and leveled it beside the water and use it as a level.

basement waterproofing

then Vitaly ordered crane and with its help, one, put concrete blocks in the foundation pit.Procure lumber for construction.

Because of the lack of consolidated funds Venefica with her husband Vita

ly decided not to do the basement, and filled it with gravel.Top plates they did tie.

As a result, the foundation has turned out such:

20cm tie.

Then left the foundation shrinkage until the spring of 2008.

Building walls

raising walls

In May 2008 the building alive.On the screed foundation caused waterproofing roofing material laid.Then, with the help of ropes and blocks Vitaly formed a perfect square, set beacons and began putting the wall of concrete blocks.

Laying the first 11 units was given to them hard, they polished them carefully and put on the glue, it left all day.


A lot of time was spent on raising the supporting walls and columns of b / y brick "pridelyvaniyu" balcony.

Erection of roof

After raising the walls and the installation of beams Vitali began to build the roof.Alone, it can not be done, so we had to invite a few people to help, and tap.Solid crate made only in the area of ​​the attic

install tile

on solid crate Staley gidrovetroparoizolyatsiyu and made a second crate under the roofing of metal.Roof Vitaly wings with the assistant.

Despite the lack of experience in the construction, but because of a strong desire and perseverance in carrying out their dreams, Venefica with her husband Vitaly built here is a light house.

Posted forum participant Venefica

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