Banya on frame technology

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31 May 2016

order not to delay the process of building a bath "old man" has decided to build it on frame technology - quickly and cheaply.


Land "Old Man" is located in a swampy area.Therefore, before beginning construction of the house he knew that heavy construction equipment for pouring the foundation slab on his land will not pass.

Every plate is not obtained on the basis of prevailing conditions - high groundwater, he decided to make a skeleton bath pier foundation with asbestos-cement pipes.

First clubbing with his brother they acquired benzobur.With his help, they drilled a hole with a diameter of 200 mm to a depth of 1.5 meters.Holes checked the fast, because the ground was wet.All 52 holes drilled foundation in one day.

The next day they cut the previously acquired 4 meter asbestos-cement pipes in the amount of 26 pieces.and a diameter of 100 mm.half.Install them on the level of the holes.Around pipes filled sand and rammed it.The mixed concrete solution in proportions 1x4

(cement - sand) and six buckets of rubble.This concrete solutions asbestos-cement pipes filled all the basement.They inserted a metal plate for attaching the floor to lag pipes.

make holes benzoburom best in early summer when the soil has dried up, but not yet dry.

Bottom rail

Then the "old man" began to make the perimeter of the sill of 3 boards connected together.The size of each board 150h50 mm.On the bottom plate secured floor joists of the boards of the same size.Between the pillars of the foundation and the bottom rail, lags as a waterproofing placed pieces gidrotekstoizola size of 200x200 mm.and secured to the floor joists with metal plates previously installed on the pillars of the foundation.

Along the perimeter of the inside of the piping on the lower frame nailed boards section 50x50 mm.which will draw the ends of the floor boards.To the post foundation sill is not fixed.

resulting wooden structure using a garden sprayer they treated several times with a special solution, which is designed to protect the wood from various insects and rot.

Purchased floorboards appeared dampness, so to dry them and to protect the front side from being damaged during the construction of their home, he lay as a floor face down.

structure erected

To speed the work he has done the calculations and drawings sawed all rack frame and roof rafters, the size, using the board 150h50 mm.

frame raised quickly because there are no braces.That is going to the wall from the corner.Staged two corner posts and two side.These were mounted on a level with screws sheets SALT.Thus, going to all the walls frame house, do not forget to make openings for doors and windows.

Building roof

to quickly build the roof, "the old man" first made calculations and beams made from a template transfers and set them on the top rail, and then in the same way on the floor of the bath calculated and made it a template and truss system, hoistedin its place, and with the help of braces connecting them with beams.Before lifting the last rafter block he placed on it OSB sheets, made measurements and sawed them to close to the size of the gable.

order not to fall from the roof beams on temporary lay board.Roof "old man" has decided to do with ventilation gap.To do this, between the rafters and the counter timbers, which will beat boards lathing, put a breathable membrane.

The roof made of sheets Ondulina.Then, the board was removed from the beams and gables has closed cut to fit OSB sheets.The window and door openings inserted windows and doors.

bottom attached to the beams OSB sheets, and we've got a rough ceiling.On top of that, from the roof insulation has been laid in three layers, which closed the OSB sheets.

For insulation walls of the house, "the old man" used the same insulation the size 50h600h1000 mm.three layers.After laying the insulation still closed OSB size 1250h2500 mm.

steam room

walls in the steam room "old man" is insulated and covered with foil, and all the rest of the walls was closed Pergamino.The pair has a ceiling height of 2.1 m. The walls and ceiling of lime upholstered paneling and shelves made of fake boards.

The pair established a window of linden wood stove set Angara Vitra 18. Her weight without stones 45 kg.and the mass of stones laid on top may reach 60 kg.The size of the furnace (HxWxD), mm: 840h415h790.Oven door glass.I did the water tank volume 55 liters.Chimney diameter 115 m

no foundation under the stove, it is set to one row of bricks laid on the floor joists.Trough lag under the stove is not noticed.

furnace melts of the rest room.


for heating water in the shower installed storage tank "Ariston" to 40l.This is a convenient and inexpensive way to get hot water.More shower set with tray and a glass door and a Chinese hydro.Yet there is a bench to rest and massage.And if you want to refresh yourself, you can open the window.

in shower installed a staircase to the attic.


It is a large table for 5-6 people and a sofa.For convenience in the bath is a bio-toilet.

Painting bath outside

After the erection of outdoor baths OSB sheets were painted white facade paint in two layers.In the gap between the OSB plates made of boards section 25h75 mm.and covered them Aquatex walnut color.

Building materials baths

framework for the construction of a bath was used Edged pine board section 50h150 mm.and a length of 6 meters.Roof sheathing is made of edged board section 25h150 mm.Dina and 6 meters.Dimensions sheets OSB - 2,5h1,25 mm.and a thickness of 9 mm.

applied to the floor board width of 85-105 mm.and a thickness of 38-45 mm.and a length of 6 meters.Insulate floors they did not, and made a well-ventilated underground.

  • cement for the foundation of 3 bags;
  • asbestos-cement pipes 26 pcs;
  • OSB - 38sht;
  • lower and upper rail, transfers, lag - 33 boards for 6metrov;
  • Insulation: wall 180 m / 2, the ceiling of 100 m / 2, partitions 30 m / 2.- 310 m2
  • batten with a width of 105 mm - 51 board;
  • roof sheathing board 25H150mm 6 meters - 1m3;
  • Racks walls and counter bar - 14 boards to 6 meters.
  • Rafters - 22 boards to 6 meters.(The rest of the wall frame rack 22);
  • wall studs 42sht - 22 pcs.= 20 pcs.- 10dosok 6 meters;

time spent on the construction of the carcass baths

  • Two days were drilled 52 holes d-200 mm.They are installed in the pipe to a depth of two meters of 1.5 meters;The day
  • pipe reinforced and filled with concrete, and cut off the excess, by measuring the horizontal laser level.
  • For 2.5 days did sill, logs, temporary flooring, and installation of wall frame;
  • two days engaged in installing the rafters, a special membrane and roof sheathing;More
  • two days took the installation of windows and doors, gables Rooms'.
  • As a result, the size of the frame house sauna 5,65h6,1 meters under the roof, along with the foundation without exterior and interior trim two people built in 9.5 working days.

Construction costs amounted to 120,000 rubles.