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31 May 2016

laplandy the summer of 2009 decided to build for your holiday home from a bar of concrete porch.To do this, he had several reasons.First of all, readily available cement schebёnka from previous work.During the winter could deteriorate cement and gravel in the yard overgrown with grass, and the porch of the concrete will serve longer.


After all the measurements, it became clear that the size of the steps will be: length 230 cm, width 128 cm and height of 90 cm. The size 15h30 cm steps. Work one decided to acquire valuable experience working with concrete.

For the construction of the porch he dug melkozaglublenny foundation independent of the main foundation of the house.And the first where he started - put the soil to a depth of 40 cm of clay around the perimeter of the porch, and put formwork

Bottom insulated roofing material, linked frame of reinforcement for future ladder.When cut and knit, felt nothing, and then it turned out that he had gone 166 meters reinforcement.Fo

r porch is too much.And I spent so much reinforcement because he had the sad experience with shoddy concrete reinforcement and to produce cracks in the concrete.Since then, all carefully reinforces.

unpleasant moments:
While knitting fittings in the trench were constantly groundwater.Concrete
need a lot so you have to fill it out in several stages which is undesirable.

During mating fittings decided to keep just in case the issues of 40 cm from the corner of the Quartet or profile pipe for handrails 3-4 pieces on each side.But he forgot to do it.I did not want to do a canopy over the porch, but after much thought, he changed his mind.Canopy will put only a small surface without stoek.Na steps I decided to add a welded mesh with a cell 5x5 cm.

for mixing concrete mixer he used.The proportions of the usual solution: 1 part cement, 2 parts of crushed stone, sand and 2 parts water to a minimum, but that it was possible shtykovat during installation.

To save power when pouring concrete built conveying chute for concrete and have not regretted it.The trough has fully justified itself in the work and save a lot of energy.

When laplandy reached the level of 3 steps, it became apparent that the sand with gravel is not enough and have to buy.They brought sand from the rubble.For them he gave for 3500 cube 2.2.Expensive, but no way out, to carry so many do not want.

with elevated levels of stairs and had to raise higher the mixer can be used to launder.On Sunday, the weather was good, and by the end of the day the desired level of concrete has been achieved.If you do not take into account the canopy and railings, the construction of the concrete porch laplandy finished.After 5 days, he removed the formwork.

After her withdrawal, he carefully examined his work.In general, everything turned out not bad.Only two things he did not like in my work:

first - in one place on the corner of the steps slightly bent roofing material on the formwork.From this I get a little pit in the concrete.

second - he forgot to concrete threaded stud for mounting handrails.If he wants to install a railing - it will need to drill the concrete.

total estimated porch:

  • fittings 10x15.5 × 166 = 2573 rubles for cutting transport - 500rubley;
  • 0.64h3 welded wire mesh, 50-50 - 2 pcs = 400rubley;
  • 24 Cement bag, bag - 174 p = 4176 rubles;
  • boards, roofing, fasteners, rubble and sand - stocks last.

Total: 7649 rubles.

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