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30 May 2016

Member Forum "Home and cottageĀ» Staryy chose foam block for the construction of the pair for several reasons: the cost of one cubic meter of this material is much lower than wood, and thermal conductivity - is almost the same.Another important factor was the fact that the foam block is durable and easy to install, that the owner was on hand, to erect their own bath after work and on weekends for nearly three months.


size bath on the outer walls was scheduled to 6x3 meters.First there was a trench dug under the foundation depth of 40-60 cm and width - 30 cm. The total length of an intermediate basis was 19.2 m. Ground the cut looked like this: black soil - 25 cm, clay - 10-15 cm, sand - more than halfmeters.

Staryy scored pins in the corners, using a laser level, pulled the lace and scored intermediate pins on all sides over a distance of 190 cm, set a framework of reinforcement diameter of 12 mm.Formwork was collected from 25 mm board, poured concrete foundation brand 200. All it took f

our cubic meters of concrete.The foundation has turned a height of approximately 70 cm.

Two days later, the owner poured screed, paving the advance pipes with a receiver 10 cm in diameter, put the net.The inner part of the foundation has been marked by the level of ties.It took one cubic meter of concrete, the thickness of ties out of 15 cm.

Construction bath

In a few days forumchanin started putting foam block walls mark M25 with a density of D700, to start putting it waterproof.Size unit 200h300h600 mm stacked on edge.I use conventional mortar (1: 3), but makes it a little more liquid to provide a minimum thickness of the seam and prevent the emergence of "cold bridges".In view of the fact that this kind of work he was doing for the first time, masonry grid is not used.

laying wall forumchanin not do windows, then decided to cut them.However, the hands to them and have not reached what he has no regrets.After masonry host set rafters.For uterus was used 150h50 board.Rafters with the distance 102 cm (under the foam and two-seam under the foam) were made of planks 100h40, lath at intervals of about 50 cm - from the board 100h25.Between the uterus was laid rough ceiling board 25 mm, it put polystyrene 10 cm, and the top half of broodmares attic laid out board 25 mm, the remainder of the formwork.

The ceiling Staryy made two hoods, Decking lay a roof with roofing material temporarily sewed pediment and erected a partition in the bath of red brick, pre-putting furnace.Then install the doors - entrance and washing room, after which he began to warm.

Later it turned out that the door was constantly swollen from moisture, causing it had to rasp.Staryy later I put a metal, insulate it.On the inside of the door was not a problem.


Staryy secured the perimeter beams 50x50, with an interval of 59 cm (including insulation width - 60 cm).On foil insulation laid with a base of glassine paper.To create a gap between the foil and Lining, filled bars 25x25.Lining treated with an antiseptic before sheathing on both sides.To make it easier to subsequently change the rotten board, Lining forumchanin I bought a length of two meters, but sawed it in two parts.

The floors in the dressing room were made of planks 150h50.On the lags in the washer (larch) host laid boards of the same size, not fixing them with gaps.From the remnants of siding were made two mirrors, canopy and bench in the dressing room - from the board of 25 mm and 150 mm.As special machines for processing wood from Staryy was not, he bought a drill attachment on all boards, except sex, processed sandpaper.

later discovered one of the disadvantages of a bath - a cold floor in the lounge.Despite the fact that after the first parks it has become almost invisible, Staryy decided to raise the floor and warm it by analogy with the ceiling.

When the owner began to dig a cesspool, it turned out that under her nature had created ideal conditions: 40-50 cm from the surface of the sand began.Digged in it to a depth of half a meter, Staryy set to dvuhsotlitrovye two barrels and slept in the same sand.

Materials and expenses:

  • reinforcement 41.4 m had been spent, worth 1150 rubles .;
  • on binding wire took 300 rubles .;
  • sewers and receiver cost 600 rub .;
  • nails, hardware, roofing screws - 1075 rubles .;
  • concrete - 10000 rub .;
  • forest - 16542 rub .;
  • sand - 1800 rubles .;
  • 200 pieces of foam block - 14,500 rubles., His delivery - 1600 rub .;
  • six bags of cement - 1080 rubles .;
  • two pipes for exhaust - 100 rub .;
  • sill - 600 rub .;
  • decking - 6676 rubles., Another 580 rubles - delivery;
  • 5 bottles of foam - 875 rub .;
  • two doors - 5000 rubles .;
  • oven - 10,300 rubles. Dopa to it - 5160 rubles .;
  • bricks purchased from the familiar, cost 500 rubles .;
  • foam - 1760 rubles .;
  • URSA - 1400 rubles .;
  • asbestos sheets and power - 460 rub .;
  • linings - 7760 rubles .;
  • roofing - 250 rub .;
  • ceiling and wire - 700 rub .;
  • two cans of lacquer - 880 rub .;
  • two antiseptic - 800 rub .;
  • foil - 1000 rubles .;
  • frames and moldings - 600 rub .;
  • fasteners Lining cost 500 rubles.

TOTAL - 94,548 rubles, the total costs amounted to about 120 thous. Rubles.

In the future, the owner plans to sheathe a bath of foam blocks vinyl siding imitating a log.

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