Russian bath.

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30 May 2016
Besides him, this craft takes almost half of the male part of the family.

reservation at once that what I write has to do with a simple Russian village bath.

Most of my comments on the most respected in our country (and undeservedly forgotten almost everywhere) "black" bath.The oldest of those that I have seen, was built the great-grandfather, but I remember it quite well (demolished about twenty years ago).

So - comments:

"There are two types of Siberian bath: with a furnace in the smoke more simple type, in which the smoke passing through the heat storage stones, going inside the bath under the ceiling and out through the hole in the wall or ceiling"

There is a third type: without holes.Smoke comes out perfectly through the door.She also serves as a regulator.Although the door - too hole.

"Walls smoke sauna warms up faster and stronger, because the heat from the furnace, passing the stones would not fly into the pipe, and spreads inside."

addition - in the "black" bath completely differe
nt "spirit".She warms up more evenly.In winter, the bath is often cool and white floor, but the ceiling is hot.In the black this does not happen - the contrast softer.You can give away a free pair sitting on a shelf without risk of burn - the steam from the open stove softer.The steam is never "prickly" and "creeps" layers, as it were "omitted" from the top.

"In the bath in black only Copts ceiling and upper walls, because the smoke is going to the top."

Rather - "tar".Black color - from the tar.The real smoke very little (it does not settle on the hot items).Smoke - a sign of bad stoker.Black sauna all to his art is more demanding.It is necessary to lay down the wood, so that they have inflamed very quickly and immediately gave the heat.Then, and almost no soot and smoke odor.

"Sauna with a furnace in a white spread throughout the country. In it the smoke from the stove is removed through the tube, so that the atmosphere is not contaminated in the steam room, sauna room ventilation and the washing of the walls is not required. This room is more hygienic and modern."

About "modern" - yes.As for "hygienic" - in any case.The atmosphere in the bath in black soiled only sad sack in such a way that we can and be poisoned by fumes.Normally protoplennaya smoke sauna has no more air pollution.Also - it will not mildew, even after a long downtime - tar in the walls of all killing.Behind my house still are a few logs of the upper rims of the old, great-grandfathers baths, old age and the heat they become brittle, but almost do not rot so far.In the iron bath will never take root fungal diseases that can be transferred to the city bath.In the old bathhouse were hooks in the walls - they hung clothes to disinfect sick people.

A few words about the black bath.

Her dignity :

- a "high-quality" spirit
- more uniform heating
- disinfecting effect
- long rotting carcass
- quickly fired winter

Disadvantages (and that nullified its popularity)

- requires greater literacy in the construction.Errors strongly affect later
- requires some skill stoker.He must be physically fit, as hard a few times to go on all fours (top - smoke) in already warmed the room.In addition, if properly stacked firewood go out, they have to put again in a smoky room.Protopku black teenager bath can not be trusted, or an old man - you have to "sacrifice" working hands.In addition, the stoker must be able to properly extinguish stove and ventilated and rinse bath
- demanding firewood.Do not use rotten or heavily fuming - ostanentsya smell of smoke
- you can not light the stove during washing.If you go to the bath a few people have to heat stronger, and the first batch will be hot
- in a bath darker - will have to install more powerful bulbs
- you can not leave any objects on the upper half baths

now general remarks about the Russian bath

"red-hot stones, stones, bricks or better, as the stones cracked, heat capacity of below"

WRONG!You just have to be able to pick up stones.In my bath bolnishstvo stones taken from the baths, the great-grandfather built almost a century ago.And drowned her very often.The heated bricks should not be watered with water - they can not tolerate.Cobblestones crack is very rare and is usually harmless - just break in two.They should be inspected every few years.It's hard to describe the pattern, but the cobblestone "unserviceable" surface becomes porous, in the shell.If his "tyuknut" something sharp, it crumbles, and the interior of the stone in the case of the "seeds" that are easy are colored.

In an open heater stones generally last longer, as opposed to the principle of the modern iron stoves - instead of a small amount of almost hot stones - a large number of well-heated (usually - about five buckets of cobblestones).I am now not so good to remember the lessons of his grandfather, but he told some detail how to choose stones.In particular, it is impossible to take the stones from the blue-yellow hue - from them "is the acrid fumes, if warm up."In addition, the form has a value (the best - form splyusnotogo eggs).Good stone should indavat "tinkling" sound when falling on hard Turn.When laying stones sorted by size: go down large (up to 30 cm in diameter), the top small (5-6 cm).Small stones are not afraid of contrast when watering with water (as a thin-walled dishes), and to major water already reaches preheated.

In the old furnace is done without any bricks and iron parts - from the cobblestones were laid just a semblance of arches.

"For the walls, floor and ceiling is better to use pine, spruce, larch. Coniferous wood highlights a special, pleasant and fresh scent and absorbs a lot of heat."

Oh it?I even sometimes happens in such bath, which built a city dweller, read smart book.Besides a pleasant pine fragrance highlights delightful resin droplets which fall charmingly over his naked body.You do not need too much fragrance in the bath from the walls - enough for a broom and herbs.And for all the wooden buildings, water-related, carpenters recommend aspen.Because it is often made houses wells.From softwood at least on the ceiling is better to abstain.You can make them lower crowns.Besides - felling of spruce is not too expensive?
can not do as a bath of oak or poplar - will be a tough spirit.Perhaps, in the description it must be emphasized that the pine, at least Dolna to be "dry" variety, as hitting on the pitch pine found a mistake too late.

"on the ceiling for insulation poured a layer of expanded clay, dry ground, fallen leaves or dry peat."

Best of all - a mixture of equal amounts of clay and sawdust, leaves or straw.

"Flushing bath desirable dry birch wood from which less soot, or aspen, pine, oak, spruce, and so on. N."

from birch - not less soot, tar earlier driven mainly birch.Look at the flame birch wood - it is more red.But they are very hot, and so they drown.

"Tiled floor good is easy care. The wooden floor pretty quickly," trampled "and bring it into" decent "state within a year or two it will be impossible. It can only be replaced. And all this is just a tile does not threaten -and the water from it is well drained and not difficult to wash. "

Nonsense.Nice wooden floor is at least ten to fifteen years.Boards are laid with gaps of about 1-2 centimeters to debris of their target.The water goes through the cracks.Sometimes the board is not nailed, and after washing them turned on edge.the ground under the floor have to choose, and to fill the space with sand, which easily takes water.Logs are placed on columns, so, too, is not much rot.A wall, leave a larger gap and the board should not priegat tightly to the wall.Tiled floor - slippery.

In addition, if the person did fall (especially - the child), tiled floor "will provide" a much stronger injury.Tiled floor is then cold, then hot.

"Open heater preferable if steamed in one day a few people as it rapidly heats the steam room, but by water and cools down quickly."

In addition, it gives a soft steam.And it does not cool down quickly - in the open stove we can put more stones.And another advantage - if the "fading" the oven accidentally splashed a lot of water - in zhelenznoy furnace heater it will remain closed and the next protopke start giving couples when it is not needed.In an open heater, it just goes down.

"3a heat accumulation masonry and stone oven with a closed stove generates heat in the steam room not only during hover, but in the next one or two days. In the Russian bath is usually set oven with a closed stove."

draw a parallel.Molten iron heat up much more room than a warm battery.So?
How will warm bath - depending on the quality of the walls and ceiling.Judge for yourself: the room has a certain thermal insulation.In the room there is a certain amount of heat.Any oven gives heat to the air.Therefore, at correctly folded furnace whether or not the open heater, heat will remain the same.The only difference in the short-term heating-cooling.All the heat created by the wood, eventually leave through the door and walls of the furnace and in any at the same speed.Heat build better regulate not indoor / outdoor heater, and a mass of stones.By the way, in the bath in a black heat does not go through the chimney.

in the Russian bath is usually set oven with a closed stove last seventy years, it has traditionally been an open heater.

"Furnaces for individual baths made of brick or metal. They are simple and reliable, the heat capacity, create a favorable atmosphere healthy couple."

iron stoves hardly conducive to the healthy air.They give scale, significant odor of burnt metal.Accidentally hit them with smoldering debris is a disgusting smell.They rust, when strong heating - ducts, require isolation from the walls.They - the source of danger - a red-hot iron object, which is easy to burn.In my opinion, these ovens - for the lazy.Pprakticheski no advantage except ease of installation (bought - set), they do not.

Anyone who can add a normal oven, will not put "burzhujku."Any, in the bath or in the building.

Here, perhaps, and all.It's just a comment on the merits based on facts and experience.Generally, if something existed essentially unchanged for centuries - whether bath, Chukchi tent, or Japanese bamboo house - it means something close to perfection.A bath in the main building people masee more illiterate.I have seen instances where the stove stood
the path to the door of the shelf - more nonsense and can not be done.Another craftsman close to me as recently as a week ago, nailed timber log each other hefty nails.In short, or something I do not understand, and the people became many things to do traditsionyye much stupidity.