I wanted an apartment, and turned domische

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30 May 2016

history of construction of this house began with the fact that last year, closer to winter head of the family became seriously thinking of expanding living space - still four to 56 square meters.m too small, and the children grow up.Began an active search of the credit option and the land.Learning that will be built near the new technology "Ecopan" inexpensive settlement was finally decided: his own home - to be!

Domische was expressed interest in the technology "Ecopan": collected from various sources for her information.In addition, simultaneously studied projects of houses.Of course, the shortcomings were found in this technology.Where do without them?But even outside the wiring and "ringing" the walls are not forced to abandon the desire to expand the area, moreover, that credit for such construction can be obtained.The only significant drawback was the beginning and the end of construction (2010), and did not want to wait.That's when the idea came to build a house.

were started looking for a suitable

place.At the auction exhibited 4 area, but unfortunately, it did not take place.But portions are very pleased for the whole family.I liked so much that we decided to buy two at once.However, not lucky, and plots are still not exposed.This failure has had no effect on the desire to build your house.We found that in the neighborhood there are still two sites, whose owners, for whatever reason, do not start construction.

Domische were found phone numbers of people in order to negotiate the purchase (sale) of land.At first, followed by failure, but a weekly reminder of his three months has made his case: first, agreed to one owner, and just two weeks later - the second.For the purchase of the second section was borrowed money.At one site, it was decided to build a house for himself, and the second - to sell to pay off creditors.That's saga began construction.

House project was selected for a long time, because for a long time could not decide to build a house from the attic or without.In the end, we decided that the attic is not needed.And here, in 15 minutes on the internet it was found the same, the one and only perfect project with a convenient layout, beautiful appearance and ... a large area, which allows to take not only the guests, but also grandparents for permanent residence!

Construction Technology "Ecopan" disappeared, instead there was a - "Teplosten" which liked everything, and the price suited.The loan could be issued through a bank.We decided to do the pile foundation, but then, after gathering information and advice of friends, change your mind.Excavators have unearthed September 1 under the solid foundation pit (1.8 m).When you create a formwork used board (25 mm), in the amount of 7 cubic metersThe work lasted three weeks.

Construction wonderful house in the middle, but I want to believe that very soon, the house can be seen not only on paper but also in the area of ​​the family!Good luck!