Building a house on 10 acres

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30 May 2016

The story began with the purchase of land at 10 acres.Build a house no one was going and planned only to fence the territory to put the shed and come to rest on the weekends from the city.However, when the accident found out that the neighboring plot (also 10 acres) nobody, wrote a statement to the local administration for the purpose of its acquisition.All was not easy, but the difficulty is not discouraged, but only podzadorilo.

foundation So, six months later received permission to hire a construction period of 3 years.After 3 months, it was necessary to show at least something from the newly constructed on the leased land.However, there was one caveat.Since the area under construction is leased from the city, all laws must be observed: the boundaries and dimensions can not be broken, the project should be agreed upon, and, of course, electricity and septic part must comply with all standards and requirements.Some of these issues have already been decided, and some of them are still under negotiation with the

relevant agencies.

House project was selected for six months.Finally, it was bought in St. Petersburg: a working draft two-storeyed individual houses with total area of ​​153.9 square meters.m with veranda and garage.Arrange everything: size of the building, premises, the presence of a passport for coordination and the ability to make changes in the project.

foundation So, September 2, 2006 fell to the ground bucket.According to the project the foundation should be a belt, zaglublёnny 1.7 m, but there is no basement.We decided that once the pit is at a depth of freezing, then there is no reason to bury him, there is a basement.This required additional costs for capital improvement of drainage, waterproofing and basement wall insulation.

materials (concrete blocks, slabs, rings wells) were used all were in use.Works team of builders from 3 people, and became superintendent himself head of the family.For information about modern construction materials and technologies found in the relevant literature and the Internet.Also helped the advice of friends and acquaintances.As a result, in early December blocked the plates basement of the house and went to the well-deserved rest until spring.

SPRING 2007.

The project was to be as follows: bearing walls of the house are made of aerated concrete wall blocks, insulation, exterior finish (facing bricks).Covering above the first floor should be performed on wooden beams.

In actual fact: load-bearing walls - brick, Used, then planned to put roll insulation and cladding, with a view that is not yet defined.Siding?Beautiful, inexpensive, short-lived.Plaster?Too cute, the price is comparable to the siding, but very briefly.Brick?Beautiful, long time, but expensive.It is now widely advertised fiber cement slabs NICHIHA for facing buildings, made in Japan.It is a flat deck type siding coated crumbs of natural stone or different texture plastering.Facade, faced with such a siding, look very dignified.So, most likely, will finish any of NICHIHA any of the bricks (preferably Krasnoyarsk).The owners are inclined to the first option and a little regret that this Bookmark stainless steel wire for the brick lining.Now the house is "bristling" and awaits his fate.

home Here's what else can be said of the project.Over attached garage - pent roof.Entrance to the house is located next to the bay window and the entrance is narrow (1x4 m).The house is located a bay window to the garden, south facing, so the veranda looks onto the road and automatically becomes a covered porch.The staircase to the second floor is instead located in the central part of the room, move to the wall bordering garage.

At one site, between the first and the ground floor, there is a door to the garage and on the other, between the first and second floor - door to the deck on the garage.Because of the design of the roof abandoned garage slabs blocked and now an open platform for the meeting of the sun (because to the east).Now, when the hall moved, a large living room with fireplace planned, will take nearly 30 sq.m.All technical facilities are in the basement.

So the construction continues.In a short time in this beautiful home will finish all the work and happy owners will come here on weekends and holidays, and may even move permanently