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30 May 2016
What is the purpose FLOORING

suits him: on clay soils to in the corner was comfortable, even after the rain (water quickly seeps mezhdudoskami), on sandy lands in order to facilitate the work (lawn here often have to irrigateand feed).On sites with slopes - to level the surface.Wood solar heat accumulates, so the cool weather on this flooring is much more comfortable than stone or gravel pad.Good pavement in dry and warm climates, because it is not required for any maintenance, while through the gravel surface is easily punched weeds.


correctly made flooring can last 8-10 years.But we do not recommend doing it for the long haul, that is, on a concrete base.Maybe next season you decide to move the rest area to another location.

for flooring require pine boards.Larch is also good, but it is much more expensive.Boards select a minimum thickness of 30 mm and a width of 200-250 mm.As the base used for the flooring bars section 40x80 mm.Before you put them on pre-leveled surface of the e
arth, bars pour hot bitumen.Boards treated with antiseptic composition.

first placed and fixed in the soil sticks, then put the board perpendicular to the bars.Leave a gap between the planks 2-4 cm in order to fill in the crevices of fertile soil and planted ground cover plants (in this case, thyme).Make sure that the deck does not touch the ground.The gap is recommended to a few centimeters.

surface boards should be carefully planed, varnished or painted.They are connected to the bars using the recessed screw so that on this deck you can walk barefoot.

Wooden platform required annually to cover the antiseptic composition.There is another option.Part of the area covered flooring, plastic, simulating the metal, and slightly below make wood flooring.You can arrange how the floors in the house.That is the base platform are made of brick columns, laid at intervals of 50-70 cm, which deepened into the ground at 5-7 cm.

Columns spread on the level to the flooring was perfectly flat.On columns stack sticks, and on top of the board perpendicular to the nail.In this case, the board is placed close to one another without leaving any gaps.Do not forget to put on the brick pillars waterproofing layer.A simplified version of the platform: pre-whipped wooden boards impregnated with waterproofing composition, laid on the ground, covered with a layer of sand is 5 cm. In this case, the gap between the boards can sow groundcover.

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