Basics of installing a fence

By Admin | Building
30 May 2016

fence, which is one of the oldest buildings, still has not lost its relevance.The fence will protect your site as much attention from strangers and from possible attacks by malicious users.It is very logical that almost every owner of a country house is trying to build a similar facility.But desire alone is not enough.

fence First of all, you must follow the legal requirements, and only then think about the safety of property.For example, a high light-tight fence can be installed only on the front side of the site.Dimming land neighbors is strictly prohibited - for these purposes the net or fence.In addition, the height of the "neighborhood" of the fence must not exceed 1.8 m.

range of domestic building materials market is not restricted, the desire to protect your family and property.So, galvanized steel mesh galvanized coating, though expensive, but very strong and durable.Netting and its variants are generally the most convenient option for the fence.For different purposes, there are several types of c

oatings: vinyl, galvanized steel, with a small or large unit, high and low.

fence When the grid is purchased, it is necessary to take care of the subsequent installation of the material.Usually, pull keeper via columns (columns), spaced at a distance of 2.5-3 meters.Columns can be either wood or metal.It all depends on your desires and resources.To set the high racks of metal is necessary to dig a hole depth of 60 cm, which is then concreted.It is also aware of the corner post, be sure to secure the boards.

Before you start installing the racks, they need to drill holes through which the wire will be holding a net.For high fence need three cables, and for construction in 1-1.2 enough for two.In addition, the corner posts need to further strengthen the wire with the tensioning bolts.

obtained fence can and should decorate.For example, to put in a few places creepers, and the upper edge of the grid to strengthen the rails.

Another important element of your fence - gate.In fact, the installation of the structural element is not very complicated.You will need a strong vertical stand A built itself wicket.The main task - to firmly secure the flap hinge pillar.When the work is finished, you need to check how your gate opens smoothly.Then, the second column is set vertically and the base is filled with a solution.

fence for car entry is necessary to make a double gate, which, as in the case of the gate, opening to the street.For the structural strength of the two gates must not only firmly closed by the bolt, but hold on to "earth" with the help of espagnolettes.It is convenient to install a metal tube at the place where the bolt rests.

If an ordinary fence mesh you do not like it or it does not fit with the facade of the house, one of the most interesting options is the construction of the tree.Just keep in mind that depending on the wood like a fence would cost a considerable amount.Before starting work, the board processed antiseptic composition, and the upper part of the fence is tilted.Through such simple operation you will increase the longevity of his fence and protect it from the harmful effects of atmospheric precipitation.

However, even the wooden structure is not without metal studs on concrete base, because they have the highest strength.If you still choose stakes of wood, it is crucial to install them to process the protective compounds, and the base carefully to concrete in order to rack does not touch the ground.