Hexagonal gazebo

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30 May 2016

When Kilvator decided to build a gazebo, he tried to spy on the desired project on the Internet, but found only tetrahedral.Already holding the building, the owner soon came across the forum "Home and cottage" and was surprised to realize that you can find almost everything.

Kilvator determine the size of the gazebo (each side - 1.7 m, respectively 3,4h3, height - 2.25 + roof about 1 m) and its approximate location.In the center of armature hammered diameter of 10 mm and a length of 80 cm. Then the bar 50h20h2000 mm drilled two holes 10 mm to 1700 mm at a distance from each other.So he did the exact merilny tool.

Bar and equipment amounted to a kind of compass, which helped to make the owner of a regular hexagon.

foundation for the construction of pier foundation forumchanin under each corner gazebo dug a hole depth of 80-100 cm. Filled with sand, rammed it and pouring water.Under the base of the gazebo, he used concrete blocks 20h2040 cm (30 kg / pc).To give the whole structure integrity and s

trength, Kilvator proceed as follows: six pieces of rebar length of half a meter in the place to be hammered angles gazebo.

in concrete blocks drilled holes for rebar, and then drove it drilled and put on concrete blocks.So he did with all six angles, then use gidrourovnya brought all the blocks "to zero."Deviation get small - about 2 mm.


Venice Kilvator took uncouth bar.With straps 50h20h2000 which used to mark the gazebo, it charted at each block of two holes, drilled and planted them on the valve through one, a well.Noting the intersection of the beams together, the host structure made out to cut timber and perform cut-outs for connections.Bars forumchanin joined "to the floor beams", paving between them and concrete block construction tires.Then he gathered all the boards and fasten all the nails.

to furniture was the same above and below, Kilvator made the upper crown of the same size as the bottom.To top ring he took the board 50x100 mm.Then began the workpiece vertical beams of timber 100x100 mm height 2200 mm.Electroplane ostrogannoj six pillars and took the side of the bevel.While the pillars were drying, he gathered top ring together with the base.

most difficult work, according forumchanin was put poles.After determining the location of each, he made a hole in them valves and planted it.The top ring placed on top of the poles and attached with screws.With the help of poles set vertically plumb and secure them.He then attached the upper ring to stakes - the design has become more robust and smooth.


They used Kilvator board 50x100 mm planed, beveled, covered with enamel.Outlining post railing 1100 mm from the ground, he began the hard work: the design of a partially disassembled by pulling the two pillars and cut them in the slots under the railing posts on the back seat and drove him to the railing.Such manipulations he did with all the pillars.


went on her beam 100x100: ostrogannoj its planes, to get six equal sides, then the top ring attached two boards 50x100 and fastened them column.To guide the roof boards using the same size.

Since furniture gets a little rough, Kilvator decided to first secure the long boards and cut them directly on the roof.Fasten the rails to the post and the corners of the gazebo, cut, and then made the roof battens, which put OSB 9 mm.The roof is covered with shingles.Prior to that, smeared with liquid silicone joints that does not leak, and fixed drip.


After studying the forum Kilvator realized that under the floor joists he did wrong, but because they took up the mess: sawed, removed a layer of turf, the surface under the floor lay a film, all covered with sand, and then laid the joists.Then stapler obbil all geotextiles and painted.

floor decking made of, fastening his GvozDeck TWIN.Pre-board covered in two layers Tikkuriloy and after drying has started laying.Paul lay fast: fasten on hidden fasteners, so get the perfect flooring.

Members Active completed the construction of pavilions, reinforcing pillars, sheathing on both sides and painted paneling.There are very few: to make the back of open lattice on three walls of the gazebo.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"