Swimming pool at their summer cottage

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30 May 2016

Most average truckers said pool monumental and fundamental long-term construction, the construction of which, first, takes a lot of space in the garden, and secondly, costing a pretty penny, thirdly, will create a lot of additional problems with filling, cleaning anddrain water.All this is true, but only partly.Namely - in the case when it comes to large, stationary, depth in the ground pool.Rational or not to build this in the open in the middle lane - is another question.But there is a more affordable option collapsible water tanks.Today, this category includes models for every taste and budget -Different shape, size and price.They are united by one useful quality - Easy to install.Especially if you decide not to collect pool and estetstvovat in original equipment.And external decoration postponed to the future.

fixed or mobile?

Less stationary, depth in the ground pool is that it is tied to a particular place.Pit dug, the pool is built, decorated and equipped.Accordingly, he stood there always

will be.And if you want to change the landscape of the garden, the pool will transfer certain problems.

Unlike stationary collapsible pool mobile.He can "walk" around the site.To collect it, and then disassemble, do not need any skills or special tools.It is enough to carefully read the instructions and follow it.Details are usually connected easily, the principle of construction toy - with special grooves.But keep in mind that before changing the deployment of the pool, you need to build a special platform.Yet for those who like to change is ideal.How to change the interior of the room, moving the furniture, as well with the change of design and transforms the pool area.

Fork prices

Price prefabricated pools are generally dependent on the material from which they are made.For example, mini-pools of non-frost resistant materials (mostly plastic) with the onset of cold weather first dismantled and enter into a warm room.Once assembled this pool occupies little space in the closet, about 2 square meters.m. Such models are very cheap - from 350 euros.

pools of cold-resistant materials can not clean up.Most often they are made of galvanized steel with a multilayer protective coating.Another use duralumin alloys, special resistant to freezing temperatures of PVC or wood or plywood with waterproof impregnation.And within any modular pool is bound to have "cup" of the film.The inner liner (PVC or butyl rubber) - something that unites almost all models from different manufacturers.

There is a pool with an unusually wide side uprights and the top piping.This gives the design a mechanical stiffness that oval samples do without side supports (you can save a few square meters of usable area).Wooden model is recommended for areas with not very flat landscape.Pools PVC very light, their assembly takes less than half an hour.Price off-season pools depending on the size, material, equipment - from 1300 euros.

Installation and operation

Collapsible pools come in different shapes: round, oval, rectangle, or a polyhedron eight.The diameters of the round mainly from 2.4 m to 7.32 m, the maximum dimensions of the oval - to 10.1 x 5.49 m, depth ranges from 90 cm to 1.5 m.

to install any water tank need to prepare the site: remove sod and level the soil to pour 5 cm of sand.For most large and deep pools prefabricated concrete screed may be necessary.

After installation you need to check whether all there in order for it to be a place for swimming, not just the water tank.This requires: a pump, filter system, a set of hoses and fittings for connection of filter to the pool (or pipe fittings), injector return water main drain, skimmer (collects dirt from the surface of the water), a staircase, a protective canopy, reagents for water disinfection.Something of the above may be equipped with a swimming pool, something will have to buy separately.But this set is required.

are not essentials, but need for a comfortable swim: water heating system, handrails, underwater vacuum cleaner, water level controller, automatic water quality monitoring equipment to make the reagents disinfecting water.

Other attractions - waterfalls, slides and cascades to buy is not necessarily, but because they are much more fun to swim.The backlight device of artificial flow, bottom geyser - who can stand against such temptations?

If a family has young children, furnished pool, you need to take care of their security.In ground pool with removable child climb stairs difficult.But buried in fall easily.In the arsenal of protective measures have special blinds.The pool is closed - and no games on the water unattended.

Water decor

And finally a swimming pool installed and filled.Now you can start to water procedures.However, it is possible that after a while you want to improve it.For example, to impose a pool with artificial stone or build a wooden podium.Get off the ground beach, wide enough to accommodate the sun loungers and parasols.


to the pool was always clean, not enough simply to change the water in it.Cottagers, install on your site an artificial pond, there is still some concern.

pool water must be filtered.The filters are the sand and cartridge.Which one to choose?Stationary outdoor swimming pool is better equipped sandy.As the name implies, it is filled with sand - though not simple, and quartz.Such a filter is used for a long time, sand it changed every 3-5 years.If the pool is indoors and "bathing season" unlimited, filling in the filter should be changed once a year and rinse the extent of pollution.The most effective filter in which multiple layers consisting of grains of a certain size.The smallest -down.Sometimes the sand is added Hydroanthracite that not only filters the water, but it eliminates unpleasant odors.

cartridge filters purify the water better, but often clogged.The cartridge should be cleaned at least once a week, and after a year and a half - changed.Such filters are well suited for teams or inflatable pools.They can be hung on the wall, and at the end of the season with the disassembled swimming pool to leave the country or to carry on a city apartment.

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